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When it comes to designer street furniture, we often think of public benches and bus shelters, but less often of litter garbage cans, which are nevertheless an essential part of the urban environment.

As a manufacturer and designer of street furniture, Polymobyl has been putting its skills to work for local authorities and contractors for over 30 years, offering not only a catalog of design references, but also study services for customized design.

Find out how our services can help you maintain the cleanliness of your space, while complying with current safety standards.

A designer litter garbage can with Polymobyl

Litter garbage cans play an essential role in keeping communities clean: on the street, in a square or in a public garden, their presence helps raise awareness of cleanliness and respect for the environment.

For this reason, it’s important that they are present at many points, and that they are well maintained to encourage users to use them.

We advise you to choose models that will blend harmoniously into their environment. For a public garden or natural area, a model with wooden slats is the ideal choice. Generally speaking, choosing materials and colors similar to those of the rest of the street furniture creates a real sense of coherence, and enhances the value of your space.

Polymobyl’s catalog features a wide range of designer bollards in different shapes, colors and materials. Square or cylindrical, in steel and/or wood, with or without laser cut-outs, they provide a discreet way of decorating your public space, while being easy to spot and simple to use.

As part of larger lines, they can be combined with benches, tables or chairs of similar design.

For a 100% unique result that best reflects your corporate image, our team of designers can also offer you a study for an entirely customized piece of furniture, fully respecting the constraints of your project.

Vigipirate litter garbage cans, easy maintenance, installation: our advantages

Of course, there’s much more to a litter garbage can than just a pretty design. It also needs to be practical, easy to maintain and handle, and safe.

Our company can offer you a range of urban litter garbage cans of different capacities, resistant to weather conditions and vandalism, for optimum waste management, both from our catalog and as a custom-made service.

Our creations are designed to optimize sorting through appropriate signage, while being easy to use for both users and maintenance staff.

Functional, they can be fitted with specific options (e.g. cigarette extinguisher) as required, and feature an inner bin to cleverly conceal waste. They can be opened from the top or via a front door for easy retrieval of garbage can liners.

Last but not least, we can supply you with Vigipirate litter garbage cans adapted to your space, in full compliance with current standards. These public litter garbage cans are designed in such a way that the contents of the garbage can bags are visible, while at the same time preventing them from being used as a support by users.

When you choose Polymobyl for your urban development project, you benefit from the expertise and responsiveness of a multidisciplinary team of designers, graphic artists and project managers. Much more than just a manufacturer, we help to enhance your public space with innovative street furniture that reflects your brand image.

Our services include a full diagnostic audit, technical diagrams and 3D visualizations, as well as the installation of furniture according to schedule. The result is a turnkey solution with customized follow-up from start to finish.

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