Bicycle shelters for local authorities: Our tailor-made offer

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Polymobyl has specialized in the design of high-end street furniture since 1986. Like all our products, our community bike shelters blend harmoniously into their environment.

They also perfectly match the brand image of the company or town where they are located. Discover our services!

Cycle shelters to meet the needs of public and private organizations

Ourbike shelter ranges combine wood and metal, Plexiglas or securit ® glass, to blend in with their surroundings. Their elegance and sober lines are perfectly in tune with the environmental challenges of urban mobility. All our two-wheeler shelters can be customized to suit your needs:
  • racks for bicycles and/or scooters
  • solar LED lighting
  • VAE charging station
  • repair and inflation station…
What’s more, the quality of the materials chosen (larch, exotic wood, aluminum, securit ® glass…) guarantees excellent resistance to weather and damage. You can also order bike lockers from Polymobyl. These lockers, secured by padlock or access code, guarantee peace of mind for your employees and local cyclists.

Customizable bike shelters that adapt to their environment

On the street or in a parking lot, in front of a train or streetcar station, in front of a store… Our modular cycle shelters adapt to any location. Our offer is aimed at local authorities, schools and hospitals, as well as private-sector companies.

Polymobyl allows you to customize your bike shelter by choosing the color of the structure, the material used for the partitions, and so on. The basic dimensions of the elements in our 25°&Cie range, for example, can be multiplied as much as necessary to meet your requirements.

Laser cutting and logo printing are also available on request, so that the finished product looks like no other! The result is a bicycle shelter that reflects the image of your town or company.

Customized support throughout your project

Polymobyl doesn’t just sell stylish, functional bike shelters. Our team offers you a true partnership, and carries out an audit prior to any urban planning or product design proposal. We provide you with a personalized, costed study, then design and install your shelter.

Our years of expertise enable us to work with you to define the ideal type of shelter, the number of bike racks required, the location and orientation of the structure, the options to be considered, and so on.

Soft mobility with Polymobyl: a challenge for the future

Various subsidies are available for local authorities and companies wishing to promote clean means of transport. Polymobyl is a partner of the Alvéole program, as well as Objectif Employeur Pro-Vélo. The latter organization offers financial assistance to companies wishing to develop a bicycle culture through equipment such as VAE charging stations, racks and shelters.

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