Community bus shelters: street furniture to design public spaces

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Although simple in appearance, bus shelters are at the heart of major issues for local authorities. This space, dedicated to users, can be fitted with a wide range of accessories and urban furniture for everyday use.

As stylish as they are practical, the bus shelters designed by your Polymobyl agency must meet all your users’ requirements. Discover our wide range and versatile designs for community bus shelters.

The importance of bus shelters for local authorities

Installing one or more bus shelters is no trivial matter. They perform many functions. In fact, this common space is used to mark stops on a bus route as well as to :

  • Protect travelers from the sun and bad weather
  • Secure the area where the vehicle will stop
  • Offer practical accessories such as bike racks or seats
  • Adding value to the neighborhood and the city
  • Resisting vandalism
  • Conveying the principles of sustainability and ecology

Creating a bus shelter for every community is a real challenge. The addition of signage, furniture or plants will further meet the expectations of communities and users alike.

While fulfilling its many functions, the bus shelter must also be able to blend into the background. Design lines and a judicious choice of metal make this piece of street furniture a real eye-catcher for your community. The use of resistant materials such as steel or wood will contribute to a high-quality product.

Bus shelters, bicycle bollards and other street furniture are key elements in city communications. Their design should not be left to chance: it will reflect a desire to modernize the space and take care of its users. Dimensions, materials and location: every detail is important for a quality installation.

That’s why Polymobyl, an agency specializing in street furniture design, takes into account the particularities of each project. We create bus shelter installations consistent with the overall style of your community, in the shortest possible time and at the best possible price.

Customized support and implementation for city bus shelters

Customization is essential to ensure that your bus shelter perfectly meets your needs. Polymobyl offers you a tailor-made service with :

  • On-site study of your needs: we take into account the environment, existing installations and any constraints you may have.
  • Production of 2D and 3D drawings and technical data sheets
  • Manufacture and customize bus shelters to your specifications
  • On-site installation of your street furniture

Followed by a single point of contact, yourcontract shelters project is completed quickly, with a result that meets your expectations. Whether you opt for a sleek design with side cladding or want to add a metal or wooden bench for travelers, we have the right elements for your existing line.

A specialist in street furniture and urban bus shelters for local authorities, Polymobyl strives to combine durability and style in its creations. There are many possible variations: we’ll work with you to find a unique solution.

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