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As a specialist in urban furniture and signage, Polymobyl can help you enhance your space with its custom design services and catalog collections.

Our multi-skilled team puts all its know-how at your service and offers functional, designer bus shelters for your community…

Bus shelters, an essential piece of street furniture

An indispensable ally for users waiting for public transport, bus shelters provide a safe, clearly delineated area in which to wait, sheltered from both rain and sun.

By specifying the exact position of stops, they also serve as landmarks for users and bus drivers alike.

They can also house bicycle bollards and display advertising on their side panels.

For this reason, they need to be sturdy, accessible, easy to locate and user-friendly.

Redefine your public space with our shelters

A specialist in street furniture design for over 33 years, Polymobyl offers you its engineering services to deliver an original, innovative bus shelter that fully meets your requirements.

When we study your project, we take a number of factors into account: the environment, the climate, how often the bus will pass, and how many people will be waiting underneath. We also take your specifications and budget into account, to meet your requirements while respecting your constraints.

We choose hard-wearing, easy-to-maintain materials, and design bus shelters that blend harmoniously into their surroundings, making them unique.

Street furniture is a communication tool in its own right, and we always ensure that it reflects your community’s image and the values you wish to convey.

Discretion and elegance: we guarantee a contemporary design with clean lines, thanks to our many years of experience in the field of rural and urban landscaping.

Discover our product lines

Polymobyl also offers several product lines specially designed to equip your outdoor spaces.

Our wood, tempered glass and steel shelters come in a range of sizes, and their attention to detail makes all the difference.

That’s how we came up with the TUB bus shelters. This sober, modern line of tempered glass and galvanized steel has been specially designed for collective urban spaces.

Vandal-resistant and long-lasting, it’s an excellent choice for durable street furniture. This bus shelter is made of metal tubes, a minimalist approach that allows it to blend discreetly into the space.

Ideal for use in the countryside or near green spaces, or even as aschool bus shelter, NUT design bus shelters combine elegance and comfort. Solid lines, slender wooden partitions (larch), a comfortable bench, a steel structure…

It’s the ideal solution if you want to offer your customers a warm welcome.

Our NUT bus shelters come in a range of models: classic (large size), sheltered bench or covered gallery, they can be adapted to different needs.

Last but not least, PUR bus shelters, with their elegant, uncluttered design, will blend seamlessly into any urban environment. Combining wood, glass and steel, their refined, slightly sloping lines make them stand out from the crowd. They offer maximum space for users and are particularly well-suited to waiting for frequent buses.

From our catalog or custom-built, all oururban shelters (including movable bus shelters) are designed to comply with current standards and come with a 1-year warranty.

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