School bus shelters: safety and durability with Polymobyl

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Designers of street furniture, in particular
bus shelters
we offer our services to local authorities of all sizes who wish to equip themselves with top-of-the-range design equipment. Choosing a school bus shelter, in particular, requires absolute confidence in the quality of the material and the reliability of the installation. Call on Polymobyl for guaranteed safety and durability.

The essential qualities of a school bus shelter

Even more than a conventional bus shelter, awnings for schoolchildren have to be beyond reproach! The materials used must offer every guarantee of safety in the event of impact, as well as excellent resistance to weathering and vandalism…

The various ranges ofschool bus shelters designed by Polymobyl comply fully with safety standards, while offering clean lines and a variety of customization options.

Ideal even in rain, snow or strong winds, our shelters provide effective protection and excellent visibility for school children.

Discover our designer bus shelter ranges

Ourpassenger shelter lines come in two trends and four ranges:

  • PUR plays the sober, modern card, combining metal and glass in a harmonious whole;
  • TUB is all about light, with its clean lines and contemporary design;
  • NUT features wooden bus shelters, for a natural look and perfect integration;
  • Finally, 25° & Cie combines different materials in a modular range that adapts to your needs.

All ourschool shelters are specially designed for the comfort and safety of young children while they wait for the bus. Equipped with benches, they can also be fitted with lighting, a clock face or lacquered in the colors of your choice.

Polymobyl service for your bus shelters

Whatever your needs, we are your partner forurban development projects. To achieve this, we always start with an on-site audit. In this way, our technical sales representative can assess the site’s assets and any constraints, and take into account any equipment already installed.

Our design office then draws up a detailed, costed action plan for the creation of your school bus shelters. If you’re happy with it, we’ll provide you with a file including 2D and 3D plans, sketches and technical data sheets, so that you can appreciate the planned result.

Once all the parameters have been validated with you, we take charge of manufacturing your school bus shelters, with the greatest care and using quality materials: larch, tempered glass, galvanized steel…

Finally, we come andinstall your bus shelters, to guarantee perfect reliability and harmonious integration into the urban environment.

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