Enhancing public space with an original bus shelter

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Using wood and metal, combined with clean lines, Polymobyl’s various product ranges adapt to any environment. For local authorities looking for an original bus shelter, we have a varied, high-quality range of products in our catalog, as well as custom-made designs.

Choose bus shelters that reflect your city's image

At a time when developing soft mobility is more essential than ever, Polymobyl is keeping up with the times with a range of top-of-the-range street furniture. When a local authority acquires or renews its equipment, we are keen to offer aesthetic, durable and functional shelters.

In order to fulfill its role to the full, a bus stop must offer users shelter from the rain or wind, a place to sit down and information on the city’s public transport network. But more than that, bus shelters are an integral part of city architecture. An urban landmark, it also serves as a communications medium.

A complete service for your street furniture

Polymobyl doesn’t just design bus shelters. Aware that local authorities often have little time to devote to the search for urban equipment, we are constantly striving to provide you with the most comprehensive and reliable service possible.

That’s why our teams are on hand from the moment you contact us to offer you a turnkey service:



On-site audit to assess your needs, technical and environmental constraints, etc.



Tailor-made study by our offices to present you with a project that perfectly meets your needs



Manufacture your bus shelters to your specifications and budget



Installing and securing shelters

Customizable bus shelters to suit your needs

Polymobyl’smodern bus shelter ranges include models in wood, metal and tempered glass. All our products are 100% customizable. You can choose between glazed or opaque side panels, as well as different colors and sizes. We can also create shelters in your town’s colors, by printing or laser-cutting your logo.

To take your street furniture design one step further, Polymobyl presents the 25° & Cie range: custom-built bus shelters for a unique look! This modular product line allows you to infinitely double the basic dimensions to suit your needs. Choose from several materials for the structure, add a wooden under-cover or a bike rack…

Contemporary bus shelters that reflect the spirit of the city

Polymobyl’s highly functional, customizable bus shelters help give your city a distinctive image, while blending harmoniously into their surroundings. Sturdy and made from top-of-the-range materials (larch, galvanized steel, Securit® glass…), these elements enable you to invest in quality urban equipment that will stand the test of time and vandalism. Whether they’re emblazoned with the city’s logo or used as a high-quality advertising medium, Polymobyl’s street furniture elements are part of the zeitgeist… for a long time to come.

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