Wooden bus shelters: Offer your users a warm urban space

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Visit bus shelters are an essential element of urban design. As such, beyond their purely functional aspect, they must enhance your space and reflect the values of your community.

A specialist in street furniture since 1986, Polymobyl offers custom design services as well as several innovative catalog collections.

Discover wooden bus shelters here: an original alternative to steel, they create a warm atmosphere in both urban and rural settings.

The importance of bus shelters in the urban environment

An essential element of urban furniture, bus shelters not only enable users to wait for public transport sheltered from rain, wind or sun, they also represent stable landmarks visible from afar, for both city dwellers and bus drivers.

More than just a safe zone, they mark the exact position of bus stops.
Beyond its pure functionality, the bus shelter makes it possible to reinvent the waiting area for passengers, creating a multi-tasking space.

More pragmatically, they can vary in size, and can also be fitted with bike racks or side panels for advertising.

In all cases, they need to be sturdy, easy to locate and accessible for practical, user-friendly use.

Tailor-made urban design with Polymobyl

As we have seen, a bus shelter is a real communication tool for local authorities. For this reason, Polymobyl offers a customized design service to reflect your community’s brand image and values.

Thanks to our many years of experience as street furniture designers, we can guarantee you a top-quality engineering service to deliver a shelter that meets your specifications and budget in every respect.



The study of your project will begin with a complete audit of the existing situation, which will enable us to better understand your expectations, as well as the constraints linked to space and the environment. Our aim is to offer you a designer bus shelter that blends harmoniously into your space, enhancing it and making it unique.


Choice of materials

How often the bus passes by and how busy the stop is will also be taken into account to determine the number of people who can wait under the shelter.

For a made-to-measure wooden bus shelter, we’ll advise you on the choice of wood to use, as well as on complementary materials. For example, we can offer you structures with minimalist, unstructured and asymmetrical designs, or solid and warm. The possibilities are endless!

Polymobyl works with the best suppliers to guarantee a flawless finish and durable, easy-to-maintain street furniture;



Our turnkey solution also includes on-site installation of your furniture.

NUT line: High-quality shelters

With the NUT line, Polymobyl also offers products that combine wood and steel. Designed to adapt easily to your urban spaces, they are as stylish as they are functional and user-friendly.

The<strong>wooden bus shelter NUT</strong>, for example, is a blend of modernity and rustic authenticity. Made from sections of larch, it’s sure to bring a warm touch to any stop, whether near a green space or in a more urban area. Discreet and elegant, it is also equipped with a securit glass partition, making it very bright. Its galvanized steel frame and roof make it extremely hard-wearing.

Last but not least, the NUT sheltered bench can be used to wait for the bus in rural areas, as well as a rest area.

In both cases, a larch-wood bench will allow users to rest.

All our urban creations are designed in compliance with current standards and guaranteed for 1 year. Contact us today for more information!

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