Moveable bus shelter: lightweight, stable and functional

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Since 1986, Polymobyl has specialized in street furniture, in particular bus shelters from design to installation.
We’re constantly on the lookout for solutions to facilitate the design of public or professional spaces.
With this in mind, we came up with a moveable bus shelter, ideal for use in difficult terrain or during construction work, for example.

A self-supporting bus shelter that's easy to move

In an ever-changing world, work in urban environments is not uncommon. This raises the question of what to do with bus shelters when construction work temporarily makes access impossible. The solution? A mobile bus shelter that’s attractive, sturdy and easy to move.

Polymobyl products guarantee passenger comfort and safety, while marking the temporary stop on the line. Our self-supporting bus shelters feature a steel frame and floor.

Bus shelters that can be moved on a chassis are also an ideal solution when the ground structure does not allow for the construction of a concrete slab on which the awning can be fixed.

In any case, your shelter can be moved at will and by your own means, using a forklift truck.

The advantages of our mobile bus shelters on chassis

We’ve adopted the same technical features as our mobile bike shelters, making them easy to move around and guaranteeing perfect stability. Our free-standing bus shelters are therefore delivered mounted on frames, ready for use. The steel floor is height-adjustable via a system of jacks, to ensure perfect horizontality even on uneven ground.

The structure of our mobile bus shelters is made of galvanized steel, and the floor is made of wood or non-slip galvanized sheet metal. A PMR access ramp can be added, and benches from the LUD or 25° & Cie ranges can be fitted.

Polymobyl's support for your mobile or fixed urban development projects

Working alongside companies, public institutions and local authorities, Polymobyl has developed a comprehensive range of services. When you call on our services, you are guaranteed :

  • personalized support from a dedicated advisor, from the initial audit to the installation of your equipment;
  • a complete choice of products that elegantly combine metal, wood and glass;
  • an initial on-site survey to assess the environment and existing equipment;
  • a detailed action plan, including proposals and prices;
  • step-by-step validation, using visual aids supplied by our design office (schematics, 2D and 3D drawings, product data sheets);
  • the customization of your mobile bus shelters according to your specifications;
  • Made in France products, manufactured in our workshops in the Lyon region;
  • delivery and installation of your equipment.
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