Design bus shelters: Tailor-made results thanks to our customizable models

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Like all contemporary street furniture, bus shelters must be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, blending harmoniously with their surroundings to enhance them.

Because these elements of the urban landscape contribute to a community’s image, Polymobyl offers several lines of fully customizabledesign bus shelters, including a modular line for a made-to-measure result.

Bus shelters: Versatile street furniture for your community

Thebus shelter is, by its very nature, a multi-purpose element in the wide range of street furniture available to local authorities. Not only does it protect users waiting for public transport from the elements or the sun, it also gives them a place to sit and rest.

From a more pragmatic point of view, it indicates the exact position of the bus stop where it is located, thus serving as a stable, easily identifiable landmark for both users and bus drivers.

A real communication tool, it can be used to display advertisements on the side panels as required.

Finally, strategically positioned in a tourist or high-traffic area, it can also accommodate bicycle terminals.

That’s why it’s so important for local authorities to turn to a service provider able to offer them a model tailored to their needs in every respect: in terms of size and design, of course, but also in terms of customization options.

Polymobyl: A customized solution to enhance your space

As a specialist in contract furniture, Polymobyl can help you find the solution best suited to your needs.

During the design phase of your project, we take into account your requirements and the various constraints linked to the environment, such as the climate, the neighborhoods in which the shelters will be located, the frequency of bus passages and the number of people the shelter will have to accommodate.

We’ll then guide you to one of our design models, and customize it entirely according to your wishes. While the structure will always be made of aluminum for optimum strength, you can choose the materials for your urban shelter (steel, wood, Securit tempered glass, etc.), request laser-cutting to decorate the walls, or print your logo on it.

Once you’ve approved our final proposal, we’ll start manufacturing and come to your site to install your street furniture to ensure impeccable results.

An aesthetic and innovative wooden bus shelter thanks to our 25° line

Our flagship product, the 25° & Co range offers you a fully modular wooden bus shelter. Elegant with its clean lines, it also adds a touch of warmth with its varnished larch wood planks.

With customizable walls (glass, wood, steel, colors…), it can be infinitely doubled in length and width to suit your space. You can also equip it with one or more benches.

Finally, with their all-steel (TUB) or steel/glass (PUR) look, the shelters in our other ranges will blend tastefully and discreetly into all your community’s urban spaces.

Any questions? Would you like to tell us about your urban development project? Polymobyl is ready to listen.

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