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An integral part of the urban environment, picnic tables for public spaces are also being used in the workplace. A convivial space, it allows everyone to rest, eat, work or talk in an open or half-open space. With the emergence of the Coronavirus, its role is all the more important and appreciated.

Polymobyl, manufacturer of designer street furniture, presents its customized services and various customizable models.

The many advantages of an urban table

They can be found in gardens and squares in public spaces, but not only there… Theme parks, businesses, hotels, healthcare establishments… Urban picnic tables are present and useful wherever there’s a community!

In addition to their primary function – to provide lunch or a quick bite to eat outdoors – these tables can also be used to work, to take an outdoor break in the middle of a long working day, or simply to get together with friends, colleagues or neighbors for a chat.

All of which make it highly versatile and easy to fit in anywhere!

Polymobyl, street furniture: picnic tables for every need

For over 30 years, Polymobyl has put its expertise at the service of local authorities to create user-friendly, functional urban landscaping that reflects your values and brand image. Our aim: to enhance your space and guide you towards the most appropriate solutions, taking into account your constraints in terms of space, environment and budget.

We offer several lines of urban tables that can be fully customized for a made-to-measure result.

NUT tables

NUT wood and steel tables and matching benches are ideal for lunch breaks, but also for impromptu work sessions, as they can be fitted with optional USB ports and sockets.

LUD tables

The LUD table, in two-tone steel (white and a choice of pastel colors), seduces with its openwork motifs and invites you to relax. It blends perfectly into a green space or urban setting to create a privileged ambience.

Finally, LUD round tables, sheltered or not, will enhance a public garden or picnic area near a beach, for example.

Tables PMR

We also offer PRM picnic tables. All our products can be adapted for people with reduced mobility on request. Floor fixings can be supplied.

All our models of designer picnic tables can be found in our catalog.

Why not opt for a landscaped terrace?

In the workplace, the street furniture table is a central element for an open or half-open break area, and is ideally suited to a landscaped terrace.

As a specialist in urban landscaping, Polymobyl can design your break area from A to Z, allowing your employees to eat or rest outdoors.

Our multidisciplinary team (including a project manager) will visit your site to carry out a complete audit. At the end of this first phase, we will provide you with a costed action plan. Our recommendations take into account your needs, requirements, site constraints and budget.

We’ll advise you on the most suitable table model(s), as well as on chairs, benches and other accessories for your terrace. We determine whether the dimensions need to be adjusted (the entire NUT range in larch wood is infinitely adjustable)…

Once your furniture is ready, we come to your site for a custom installation.

You’ll find examples of our bespoke projects here.

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