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According to APF France Handicap and IDDHEA, 12 million people in France suffer from some form of disability. A third find access to public spaces problematic, if not impossible. However, the law requires all ERP to take the necessary measures in this area.

The installation of picnic tables for people with reduced mobility is a logical move, both legally and humanely. Polymobyl, a long-established leader in high-end street furniture, presents its product lines.

Why a PMR-compliant break area?

Rest areas, company break areas, public places: the layout of these various locations requires the installation of picnic tables for communities. These must be robust, well integrated into their environment, and also meet PMR standards.

The law of February 11, 2005, known as the “law for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled people”, requires all ERP (establishments open to the public) to provide easy and comfortable access for disabled people. Important point: this obligation applies not only to premises, but also to outdoor areas.

Discover our picnic table ranges

As a designer, manufacturer and installer of contract furniture, Polymobyl has naturally incorporated PMR standards into its product offering.

The LUD and NUT ranges, in particular, include PMR-compliant picnic tables. These offer optimum accessibility thanks to a well-thought-out design: the NUT model, made from larch wood, features a shortened bench to accommodate a wheelchair on one side of the table. Sun and rain protection can also be added.

As for the LUD range, these circular tables are made of stained steel and available in a palette of bright colors. PMR tables leave an open space in the center of the seat to accommodate an armchair. They are also available in single or sheltered versions.

Thanks to their wide range of designs and customization options, Polymobyl picnic tables blend into a variety of installation settings. Roadside rest areas, communal or corporate dining areas, urban parks, exteriors of all types of ERP: our furniture can be adapted to meet all your requirements.

The Polymobyl approach to designing your common spaces

Legal requirements for accessibility to public places apply not only to people with reduced mobility, but also to the three other disability families (visual, hearing and mental). More than simply acquiring PMR-compliant furniture, fitting out communal areas therefore requires thoughtful consideration of the general layout, distances, visibility, and so on.

As anurban equipment professional, Polymobyl can help you with your development projects. From the site audit to the final installation of your PRM break table, we adapt to your requirements and needs, to create an ergonomic and aesthetic “turnkey” layout.

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