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As our society becomes increasingly digital, designer street furniture is adapting to offer new functionalities to users in high-traffic areas.

Polymobyl presents its first range of connected street furniture, available in the LUD and NUT lines, as well as made-to-measure. Discover our know-how and all the advantages of our services.

Smart street furniture to recharge smartphones and computers

Digital technology is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives and public spaces: almost everyone has a smartphone, and it’s now normal to see students and professionals working on their tablets or laptops on café terraces or even in public gardens. And we’re not even talking about Bluetooth headsets, connected watches, portable games consoles and other accessories that have become commonplace and encourage mobility.

Of course, these many connected tools need regular recharging, especially as applications tend to consume battery power quickly. A person with a phone and a laptop will therefore tend to recharge their devices several times during the day, and they need to be able to do this easily away from home.

This is why intelligent street furniture represents a major challenge. Who hasn’t found themselves running out of battery power in a public place, when the day is far from over?

Based on this observation and the growing demand in this field, Polymobyl has designed its very first connected urban equipment in the NUT line: USB terminals and a set of two USB ports that can be integrated into the furniture of your choice from our range, under a picnic table, for example.

NUT: Eco-friendly models that fit in anywhere

With a natural larch wood structure and steel components (galvanized steel on request), our products are solid, elegant and environmentally friendly. We also offer a connected charging station with integrated photovoltaic solar panel, for 100% natural charging outdoors.

Our models will find their place in a park or a garden, but also on the terrace of a bar or a restaurant, in large companies, in a shopping mall or in a railway station or an airport.

Their rapid 4-point floor mounting also makes them ideal for events (trade shows, festivals, etc.).

Numerous models of street furniture are available through our NUT line: XL benches, tables, picnic tables, sunbeds, bicycle bollards…

Made-to-measure to enhance your space

Finally, Polymobyl puts its know-how at your service to offer you customized connected furniture that will reflect the image of your community or company.

At the end of the audit, we’ll propose a costed action plan to bring your project to life. Our multidisciplinary team will then carry out a complete study, taking into account your requirements, your budget and the environment in which the furniture will be integrated.

Once you’ve approved the design and technical specifications, we manufacture the furniture and install it on site.

The result is a row of
connected high tables
(or any other piece of furniture of your choice) that’s truly unique, enhancing your space while serving users.

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