Your customized island of freshness in an urban or corporate environment

In these times of climate change, spatial planning must now take account of the heatwave and adapt its proposals accordingly. Polymobyl, an expert in designer street furniture since 1986, designs and manufactures your custom-made cool island, allowing you to create a shaded, planted and convivial rest area.

An oasis of freshness in the city and an alternative to concrete development

Urban cool islands are designed to counteract heat retention due to the concentration of buildings and paved areas in cities. They also offer additional protection for vulnerable groups, such as the elderly or young children.

These cool urban spaces generally incorporate :

  • a structure with shade ;
  • plant elements: ornamental vegetation or participatory vegetable gardens, for example;
  • street furniture: tables, chairs or benches, deckchairs, stand-up meals…
  • comfort equipment such as misters for hot spells.

Creation of cool islands :
Polymobyl's urban challenges and responses

Water shortages and the scarcity of vegetation in cities are gradually turning them into veritable cauldrons, especially in the hottest months. The design of a cool island is an effective and environmentally-friendly solution.

Shade, especially when vegetated, acts as a kind of canopy. The installation of flower boxes or vegetable gardens in squares adds a dimension of reconnection to the earth that is essential in the city. As for the furniture, it must be chosen to promote comfort, relaxation and exchanges between users of the island, whether it’s public or created on a company site.

Polymobyl offers professionals and local authorities two types of support in the creation of urban freshness trails:

  • manufacture and installation of cool island furniture
  • according to plans drawn up by an architect, from site audit to final installation ;

Thanks to its rich and varied experience in urban planning in France and Morocco, Polymobyl can provide you with genuine expertise and turnkey support for your made-to-measure cool island. Our catalog offers a range of furniture made from sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials. These are also chosen for their thermal properties, to create a pleasant, temperate zone.

The advantages of Polymobyl's cool zones

Some regions are particularly hard hit by global warming. The design of tourist areas, in particular, must take account of extreme temperatures and provide shade structures for visitors.

Such is the case of the Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse, where
Polymobyl has designed customized cool islands. Taking into account existing layouts and the prevailing design, we designed rest areas with arched benches, organized around a central planter and sheltered under a vegetated arbor. The result is aesthetically pleasing and perfectly integrated into the site.

For the design of urban shade structures anywhere in France, call on Polymobyl.

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