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Welcome to the world of Polymobyl, your partner of choice for corporate street furniture. Since 1987, Polymobyl has distinguished itself in the creation of street furniture and signage adapted to the specific needs of companies and establishments in the private sector, as well as healthcare establishments and government agencies. Our services include an audit, a complete study, custom manufacturing and installation, with local support from a project manager.

Street furniture manufacturer for businesses: customized solutions for outdoor spaces

At Polymobyl, we understand that every outdoor space is unique. That’s why, as a street furniture manufacturer we make it a point of honor to offer customized solutions, whether you want to create a bicycle parking area or an outdoor break, co-working or catering space.

The street furniture products in our catalog are modular and fully customizable, but we can also start from 0 and offer you a 100% unique design according to your needs and requirements. In all cases, they are designed to blend harmoniously into their environment, while meeting the specific space constraints of each company. The emphasis is on durable, aesthetically pleasing materials such as galvanized steel, aluminum, wood and Securit glass, to combine aesthetics and durability with genuine ease of maintenance.

As far as signage is concerned, here again, aesthetics and durability are key. Our information panels and tables, directional totems and directional nails can also be customized or made to measure.

Customized furnishings: enhance your company’s living spaces

The design of spaces such as outdoor eating areas, smoking areas and relaxation areas plays a crucial role in employee well-being.

Polymobyl excels in the creation of tailor-madefittings for companies to enhance the value of these spaces and promote a healthy, balanced working environment. Whatever your needs, our team can offer you a 100% unique solution to enhance the daily experience of your employees, while respecting your corporate image, space and budget constraints.

When it comes to signage, we don’t just make your signs, plaques and totems: we design the entire signage route, thinking about the precise positioning of each element for harmonious integration and good visibility.

To do this, our team comes to you to carry out a complete audit, before submitting a costed action plan. Once this proposal has been validated, our designers, graphic artists and project managers set to work to offer you a complete study including sketches, 2D and 3D plans, technical data sheets, graphic charter…

Once all the components have been validated with you and manufactured, our technicians proceed with the custom installation. You benefit from a turnkey service with a single point of contact.

Polymobyl and the Objectif Employeur Pro-Vélo program

Polymobyl is proud to participate in the Objectif Employeur Pro-Vélo program, which enables us to support soft mobility solutions. By providing high-quality, subsidized bicycle shelters, we help companies adapt to these new travel habits, favored by a growing number of citizens, and contribute to an environmentally-friendly way of getting around.

Our expertise for hotels

Hotels require a special approach to street furniture and signage in the private sector. Thanks to its experience on various projects for luxury hotels (Banyan Tree Resort, Fairmont Tazi Palace Hotel in Morocco, among others), Polymobyl is able to offer tailor-made solutions for the design of outdoor relaxation areas in gardens or terraces, for example.

Our ability to create welcoming, functional spaces in keeping with the atmosphere and standing of the premises makes us a privileged partner for establishments concerned with their image and the comfort of their customers.

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