Design outdoor street furniture: Polymobyl accompanies your landscaping projects in France

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Each region and company has its own requirements and issues. As a designer of designer outdoor street furniture, our job is to provide the best possible response and personalized support for each project.

Urban planning: multiple challenges and situations

There isn’t just one type of street furniture, but as many elements as there are cities or sites. That’s why, since 1987, Polymobyl designers have been imagining furniture lines for urban spaces that adapt to their environment.

Our collections are based on fluid, contemporary lines that blend harmoniously into the décor. We use metal, wood and glass to create bespoke street furniture. All our products are built to last, offering maximum resistance to weather, vandalism and the passage of time.

Thedevelopment of today’s public spaces must meet a number of challenges. Of course, the furniture must be functional and elegant. They must also convey the brand image of the city or company commissioning them. Added to this are the requirements of sustainability and respect for the environment. Finally, each piece of equipment must offer customization options in terms of colors, dimensions, accessories…

To solve all these problems, it’s essential to entrust your urban layout to a specialist company.

Design furniture ranges for public spaces

Polymobyl works along two main lines: a variety of styles and numerous references for designer street furniture. We use steel and aluminum for their strength and elegance, and larch, Douglas fir and exotic woods for their beauty and sturdiness… The LUD line offers modern, cheerful colors, for an urban spirit at the cutting edge of trends. The TUB collection boasts a resolutely modern design. PUR plays the sober card, Médinéo emphasizes movement, CUB offers a highly graphic look and NUT relies on the natural look of wood. Finally, the 25° & Cie line offers fully modular layouts.

Polymobyl offers a complete range of street furniture to meet every need:

  • bus, cab or carpool shelters, bicycles, smoking areas ;
  • seating: public benches, benches, chairs, armchairs, deckchairs, stools, standing seats ;
  • bare tables, with benches (picnic tables), under shelters, with planters, connected…
  • pergolas, shades and shade structures ;
  • fences, bollards, bins, planters, tree grates, litter garbage cans and recycling garbage cans, ashtrays ;
  • bike racks, filling, repair and recharging stations.

Our different product ranges can be perfectly combined to create original, customized urban landscaping. From the site audit to the installation of your furniture elements, including quotation and manufacturing, call on Polymobyl.

To request a price quote or a customized study, contact our design office specialized in urban planning.

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