Design city benches: Modular models for made-to-measure furnishings

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Among the various elements of urban furniture, the bench is undoubtedly the most widespread: on sidewalks, public squares, gardens, railway stations, bus stops… Discreet yet indispensable, they offer users a place to rest wherever they happen to be.

As an agency specializing in the design of street furniture since 1987, Polymobyl offers you a complete service for the choice and installation of a model of designer street bench.

Our team will visit you, advise you on your choices and design a unique layout to enhance your space.

Combine public benches to create unique spaces

Public benches, like other street furniture, have several functions:

  • From a functional point of view, of course, it offers comfort to pedestrians, allowing them to sit down to rest, eat, wait for a friend or the passage of a bus while on the move.
  • It promotes accessibility for all, especially the elderly
  • It’s user-friendly and makes urban spaces more welcoming
  • It enhances the value of the space and contributes to the brand image of a location or community.

Choosing a model and arranging it in a space is anything but trivial.

For this reason, Polymobyl offers you designer public benches capable of adapting to any space, including a fully modular line, TUB, which allows you to freely combine our products to create unique arrangements (split, circular, wave-shaped benches…) within the space.

You can opt for steel furniture (TUB, LUD) for greater resistance to damage, or a combination of wood and steel (CUB, NUT) for harmonious integration into wooded areas, a quay or even a square, where our benches will add a touch of warmth while remaining sober and discreet.

The LUD range, with its openwork white steel structure and cheerful, elegant pastel accents, is ideal for any indoor or outdoor space, including areas exposed to strong sunlight. In fact, the openwork patterns on these benches are not just aesthetically pleasing: they also allow heat to escape easily, ensuring comfortable seating for users whatever the weather.

Finally, all our models are fully customizable: you can choose the color, opt for a hot-dip galvanized finish for maximum protection, print your logo on the structure…

Design, customization, installation: Polymobyl takes care of everything

As a designer specializing in innovative, modular street furniture, Polymobyl offers its customers (companies, local authorities) a complete range of high-quality, made-to-measure services.

Our services include

  • A complete on-site audit: our team (project manager, technicians…) come to meet you and visit your site to better understand your expectations, but also to take into account the various constraints linked to the environment. At the end of this first phase, we’ll provide you with a costed action plan containing a customized solution (choice of furniture and layout). We can refine our proposals based on your feedback to guarantee your complete satisfaction.
  • Installation: when your contemporary public benches are ready, we come and install them according to the configuration defined during the design phase.
  • Direct follow-up with the project manager: we validate each element with you, advise you and answer your questions in complete transparency before, during and after the service.
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