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When it comes to street furniture, benches and seats are a must in public spaces. Choose top-of-the-range products with proven resistance from the Polymobyl catalog.

Street furniture: a bench for every moment of relaxation

The public bench occupies a special place in urban space. Both a functional object and a vehicle for the city’s brand image, it makes life easier for passers-by and beautifies the area.

Polymobyl, designer of urban furniture for over 30 years, offers a range of products to suit every pause.

For a few minutes’ rest on a city journey, sit-stand seats are just the thing. On the other hand, in a park for families, you’ll prefer comfortable double seating to accommodate more people, or sun loungers for perfect visitor relaxation.

To modernize bus stops or pedestrian zones, install benches with a distinctive design.

At Polymobyl, we carry out a thorough analysis before proposing customized layout solutions, depending on the area in which you wish to install the various equipment.

Street furniture: benches from our catalog

Because we know how important durability is for an outdoor bench, our products are made from top-of-the-range materials that make them resistant to weather conditions and acts of vandalism.

Polymobyl street furniture in wood or metal reveals our attention to detail and our commitment to quality design. Whether sleek or XXL, in a variety of colors and ideally integrated into the space, we pay particular attention to the aesthetics of our installations. Available in several ranges, each with its own identity, they will meet all expectations.


Make benches the center of attention with LUD, a colorful, playful line of furniture.


Choose minimalist design with TUB’s metal products.


With NUT, you’ll prefer wooden equipment with solid lines.


Asymmetrical legs and square wood sections: let yourself be seduced by the ultra-contemporary design of the CUB collection.


Form and function come together in the minimalist lines of PUR benches.

Request a made-to-measure layout in Polymobyl

Experienced manufacturer of
designer benches
and connected benches, Polymobyl puts its know-how and skills to work on your project. We offer you a global study of your project to provide you with tailor-made layout solutions.

Our multi-disciplinary team of designers, graphic artists and project managers will conduct an in-depth analysis of the constraints and challenges facing your region, before submitting a detailed, costed action plan.

We’ll then begin the design development phase, before proceeding with installation in line with your specifications and budget.

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