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Since its creation in 1987, Polymobyl has been designing, manufacturing and installing street furniture such as benches, tables, benches, bus shelters, bicycle racks and more. To adapt to the trend of our time – nomadic, but always reachable! – For the first time, we’ve created connected benches, available in our CUB and LUD ranges.

Street furniture: A bench that combines comfort, design and modernity

The Polymobyl range includes connected tables and benches, i.e. equipped with USB sockets for recharging laptops and tablets. A must in a society where no moment is wasted! In this way, you enable your users, especially those who use their cell phones for work, to take advantage of the moment when they’re waiting for the train or bus to plug in their device.

Why choose Polymobyl connected street furniture? For various reasons:

  • to stand out from the competition (or neighboring towns) with a genuine service offering
  • for designer furniture with contemporary lines and carefully selected materials
  • forcustomizable urban equipment that perfectly meets your needs
  • to install connected urban furniture in your spaces that blends in perfectly with their surroundings
  • to use your furniture as a communication medium

Your customized connected urban equipment

The LUD range of street furniture, with its emphasis on metal, now includes connected elements, with two USB ports to enable students or mobile workers to recharge their smartphones.

Tables, benches and deckchairs can be fitted on request. Naturally, the signage indicates to users that this is a connected piece of furniture.

For operation, we offer two solutions: either connect the unit to the mains, or opt for solar operation, using a panel and battery (optional).

To suit your preferences, we can also add a charging station to any of our street furniture references.

A versatile team at the service of local authorities and contractors

Polymobyl positions itself as a true partner for its customers. We offer you a turnkey service, including :



An initial on-site audit


Action booklet

Complete, costed recommendations, subject to your approval



Manufacturing your street furniture



Customization of your products: USB connection, printing, engraving or laser-cutting to your image…



Environmental design for harmonious integration of furniture



Supervision of installation work

The benefits of connected furniture for local authorities

As specialists in high-end street furniture, we are convinced that connected equipment represents the future. Much more than just places to wait or rest, bus shelters and public benches are now the places where new communications are expressed.

By offering users of their public spaces elegant, comfortable furniture that makes their lives easier, local authorities and ERP systems stand out and win the loyalty of users of their services or premises.

Many companies have already opted for version 2.0. Nantes station, for example, opted for our LUD range as part of its interior redevelopment project.

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