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Since 1986, Polymobyl, creator of sustainable urban furniture, has taken on all the major challenges associated with community design. Today, urban planning projects are driven by environmental concerns. We bring our expertise in ecological urban planning to all those involved in the city of tomorrow. Discover our services and our catalog.

Sustainable urban planning: reconciling ecology and quality of life

Concerns about the climate and the role of human activities in its disruption are prompting public authorities to adoptsustainable development strategies, particularly in urban areas. This means preserving biodiversity in green spaces, as well as installing environmentally-friendly urban facilities.

City dwellers, and the general public in general, are overwhelmingly in favor of preserving nature and promotingsustainable urban development projects. Users of public spaces are also looking for pleasant, user-friendly places: islands of coolness, planted picnic areas…

Developing urban ecology and sustainable public development

To meet these crucial challenges, Polymobyl has long been working on an eco-friendly range of street furniture. In particular, we favor sustainable materials such as wood. We give priority to local species from sustainably managed forests, in particular rot-resistant larch and Douglas fir.

Our sustainable landscaping products also incorporate recyclable materials such as glass, aluminum and steel. Finally, we do not use plastic or its derivatives.

All our ranges offer robustness and an elegant design that blends in perfectly with all types of indoor and outdoor public sites. Polymobyl also offers services for the design of planted outdoor spaces: please contact us to find out more.

Your green urban design projects with Polymobyl

Our know-how is based on many years of experience, a team with complementary skills and tailor-made support. Much more than just a supplier of designer, sustainable street furniture, we are the partner of choice for local authorities. From the pre-project phase with a site audit to the delivery and installation of your equipment, a single adviser monitors the project’s progress and seeks your approval at every stage.

Our catalog of eco-friendly street furniture includes different ranges and all the equipment needed to develop public spaces: tables, benches, pergolas, bus and cycle shelters, planters, accessories… For example, discover :

  • the NUT line, designed in solid wood for long-lasting use and natural aesthetics;
  • CUB and PUR, two modern variations on wood and metal;
  • Medinéo, aluminium and wood street furniture;
  • not forgetting 25° & Cie, a range of fully modular structures.

Entrust Polymobyl with yourecological landscaping projects.

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