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Polymobyl enhances your urban spaces with designer street furniture. Are you a local authority or a company looking to update your layout in line with user expectations? We design urban bike shelters, public benches, picnic tables and green spaces, and advise you on how to create a space that’s uniquely yours.

Since 1987, Polymobyl has been designing and manufacturing top-of-the-range, durable French street furniture. Discover our online catalog and reinvent your urban spaces.

The Polymobyl range: the answer to all design street furniture needs

Polymobyl offers its customers a wide range of products to enhance public spaces. Whether you’re a local authority with an urban design project, or a company looking to offer its employees a place to relax, you’ll find high-quality furniture here, including :

  • Bicycle shelters that combine aesthetics and protection
  • Smokers’ shelters with benches or planters to promote conviviality and cleanliness
  • A wide range of street furniture: litter garbage cans, planters, benches, tables or connected furniture
  • Complete outdoor landscaping solutions, combining several robust, durable products

Polymobyl’s objective: a sufficiently broad range to cover all needs. Added to this is a meticulous design using weather-resistant materials. The advantage of street furniture made in France: greater confidence in the design of our products and full support in making the right choice.

We work to create products that are as modular as possible. Our contemporary urban furniture designs can be combined, and shelters can be fitted with baskets, seats or tables, while maintaining a coherent line that will enhance your space. We use recyclable materials for our street furniture, to ensure longevity and elegance.

In-depth advice on choosing the right French urban layout

Urban design isn’t just about juxtaposing furniture. Any city or company wishing to bring value to its users knows this: equipment must be arranged in a specific way to deliver its full utility. A good layout can’t be improvised. It often requires a professional eye.

That’s why Polymobyl not only creates street furniture, but also advises you on its layout.

Our service includes a complete audit of your site to understand your needs, as well as a study and 2D and 3D plans. Together with you, we set up a project and follow it through from start to finish. All the furniture in our range can be customized as required. Choose specific materials, colors or logos to create an urban design that reflects your image.

Your new furniture is designed and implemented on our premises near Lyon. We guarantee you an urban space made in France. Rely on a partner with recognized expertise and design your spaces the way they deserve. Polymobyl puts its teams at your service quickly.

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