Signage and graphic design: your life-size visual identity with Polymobyl

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Since 1986, Polymobyl has brought together a team of signage graphic artists, designers and conceptors, working under the guidance of a project manager. This multi-disciplinary approach enables us to offer professionals top-level services in signage and graphic design. For effective, striking and perfectly integrated visual communication, entrust us with your signage project.

Signage, a vector of identity for the company or site

First and foremost, the creation of signage must reflect the image of the company or environment in which it is integrated. It must comply with the graphic charter, whether it involves modernizing an existing sign or designing an entirely new one.

All directional, functional and organizational signage is therefore the subject of extensive graphic design work. The choice of colors, typography, illustrations and logo integration all work towards the same goal: to support users by promoting the brand image of the company or space.

Graphic signage integrated into the atmosphere and architecture of the site

To be effective, graphic communication media must blend harmoniously into the spaces they mark out. This means that, while taking into account the graphic charter, the various elements must adopt forms and presentations that make their presence natural for the public.

This integration is particularly important for the signage of a natural or tourist site, where the slightest misstep in the choice of materials calls into question the harmony and appeal of the whole.

Signage design: the challenges of visibility and legibility

The design of a wayfinding system in public places must therefore be coherent and harmonious. But let’s not forget that thepurpose of signage is to help site users: it must therefore be clear, accessible to all, contain essential information and fulfill the role for which it was designed (information, orientation…).

Depending on the site concerned, signage can therefore use information in the form of text, but also images, maps, pictograms, etc. For customized signage projects, the experience of professionals is a real asset.

Your turnkey signage project with Polymobyl

As asignage and design company, we support companies and local authorities in the creation of customized signage.

Our services cover all phases of professional signage design, from the initial audit of the premises to the installation of the supports, including the graphic/design and manufacturing phases. Every step of the way, we ask for your feedback before we go any further.

The Polymobyl catalog of signage products includes :

  • marker nails and ground stakes ;
  • directional arrows and masts ;
  • free-standing signs and totems ;
  • wall plates ;
  • reading tables and desks.

Entrust your graphic signage projects to Polymobyl.

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