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Since 1986, Polymobyl has been offering its skills and know-how to local authorities and contractors for their urban development projects. From A to Z, we design and manufacture innovative street furniture for a modern, coherent layout that creates social links.

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Design street furniture lines for every need and every space

In recent years, local authorities have come to realize that, all too often, urban development consists of a disorganized series of diverse objects, with no real guidelines. A certain aesthetic coherence is essential to enhance the value of public space, while the functionalities of street furniture can help create social links within urban areas.

With this in mind, Polymobyl has designed several lines of furniture based on the main components used in urban design: benches, tables, bus shelters, bollards, barriers, chairs, sunloungers…

The furniture in each line of our designer street furniture catalog can therefore be used to create a coherent space, while adding a certain cachet to the surroundings thanks to the particular care given to shapes and finishes.

The CUB line, for example, offers traditional wood and metal urban furnishings, including benches and sunloungers with elegant, clean lines, while the LUD line, entirely in metal, offers a touch of originality with its pastel colors and openwork pattern.

In all cases, we prefer noble materials selected from the best suppliers, and guarantee you solid furniture with impeccable finishes that will stand up to the elements and any attempts at damage.

Tailor-made for your public or private projects

As a manufacturer of street furniture, Polymobyl works with local authorities, developers and architects.

As such, we are accustomed to working on projects requiring custom-made furniture.

In this case, we first carry out an on-site audit to analyze the existing situation and take into account space and environmental constraints. Our aim is to design furniture that perfectly meets your needs and requirements, and blends harmoniously into the landscape.

Depending on your requirements, we will advise you on the furniture and its design, as well as on the materials to be used.

Once you’ve approved the design of each piece, we start manufacturing, then come and install your modern street furniture on site.

You benefit from personalized follow-up with a dedicated contact person at every stage of the project, for optimum quality of service.

A single provider for all your street furniture

With over 30 years’ experience in the field, Polymobyl is your one-stop shop for all your furniture needs.

We design intelligent street furniture to meet your needs and those of your users. Our benches, chairs and sunloungers invite you to relax, and are a great way to build social links.

Above all, when you choose us to design your furniture, you’re guaranteed an aesthetically coherent result that will enhance your heritage and reflect your brand image. All within your budget, of course!

Please contact us if you have any questions. Local authorities, railway stations, hotels and ports have all put their trust in us – why shouldn’t you?

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