LUD, colorful, fun furniture!

LUD is one of four new lines of street furniture designed by Polymobyl.

Briefly, what is the LUD line?

The LUD line offers a wide variety of furniture, all functionally different from one another. It creates varied, multi-tasking spaces.

Fun, youthful, dynamic design thanks to soft, rounded shapes

LUD is a line of furniture that offers a variety of designs, all functionally different from one another. It creates varied, multi-tasking spaces.

Today, the furniture lines in our cities are so sad! They lack color, bolder shapes and modernism. The challenge with LUD is to create a line that is both playful – hence the name – and appealing to a broad audience.

It’s a range of furnishings that can be used to create a variety of atmospheres. By offering a variety of seat and table heights, you can play with the furniture and create a dynamic space. Street furniture in France deserves to be brought back into the spotlight by daring to stand out!

Vibrant colors and a festive-inspired motif

A deliberate choice of dynamic, vibrant and fun colors. Yellow and orange are colors that induce a feeling of happiness. So we should come across them more often! These pastel colors are also very fashionable right now! We’re turning to sunny universes, referring to vacations and good weather. The pattern was inspired by the colorful vermicelli we put on cakes! The Polymobyl team wanted a festive motif that was simple in form, easy to arrange on any type of surface, and not linear or organized like today’s street furniture.

Pebbles, those original and still unknown products!

This furniture is a perfect match for the world of the LUD line, with seating that varies from the classic bench. It easily dresses up an area and allows users to make new use of street furniture. What’s more, we’re seeing more and more “slouched” and relaxed postures, and the rigidity of the bench doesn’t really match the desires of young people today. The LUD line offers a more imaginative seating solution!

A line clad in metal...

The pattern is there to keep the heat out, circulating the air. The LUD line also includes umbrellas, perfect for providing a little shade anywhere! The two sizes work together to create superb spaces. This LUD line really brings out the full potential of street furniture.

Who is this line for? Where is this furniture likely to be found?

A very wide audience, and that’s its strength! It can also be seen on a classic square, playing on the interesting contrast between classic and contemporary. Indoors, it will enhance a shopping center with its colors and multiple seats, designed to create complete spaces. Whether in family parks, outdoor dining areas, station foyers or historic city centers, the LUD line is perfect. You just have to dare!

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