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Polymobyl is not just a designer and manufacturer of wooden street furniture. Our company is also, and above all, a leading service provider for the design of public spaces, in keeping with current issues and contemporary trends.

From the creation of playgrounds to the installation of benches for a rest area, we’re there for all your urban landscaping projects in France.

Our wooden street furniture ranges

Increasingly, street furniture is designed to be in harmony with the environment. Wood is the ideal material for creating stylish, durable street furniture.

Polymobyl has designed several lines of wooden urban equipment, including :

  • NUT products: designed in larch or Douglas fir, they feature a cut sheet-steel structure and come in a wide range of models – picnic tables, benches, benches, barriers, litter garbage cans, planters, deckchairs, stools, pergolas…
  • CUB wood and metal street furniture (larch and polyzinc-treated steel), with its contemporary, elegant design;
  • the PUR line, which also combines metal and wood in a minimalist design;
  • the Médinéo series, whose benches and chairs combine a cast aluminum structure with an exotic wood seat;
  • the 25° & Cie collection of custom-made wooden street furniture, ideal for sheltered areas: pergolas, bicycle shelters, rest areas, bus shelters, smoking areas…

Polymobyl, supplier of sustainable and customized wooden street furniture

Our experience in the design of public spaces gives us an edge over other street furniture manufacturers. Over the years, we have developed tailor-made support and product lines that perfectly meet the needs of professionals.

Polymobyl doesn’t just sell professional urban equipment. When you call on us, the first step in our work is to visit your premises to assess the setting in which the furniture is to be integrated. We’ll be happy to advise you on the best choice of equipment, but also on the flooring for your terrace or the type of shelter you need, for example.

We take into account the existing environment to create a harmonious layout. Our costed action booklet gives you all the information you need to get an idea of the expected result: type of furniture, choice of materials and colors, customization options… Once the quote has been accepted, our design office provides you with a number of visuals to help you get started: sketches, 2D and 3D drawings, technical data sheets for our products.

We then launch the manufacturing phase of your wooden street furniture. We take care to validate each step with you, so that the final result meets your expectations. We personalize the various elements so that they convey your brand image.

Finally, our teams install the furniture on site, to ensure that it meets the design, functionality and safety requirements.

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