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For over 30 years, Polymobyl has been designing top-of-the-range metal street furniture. Both stylish and functional, it blends in perfectly with your surroundings and with the times. Call on our company to provide you with a turnkey solution for an attractive, long-lasting installation.

Metal urban equipment for every project

As a designer of high-end metal street furniture, Polymobyl offers customized solutions for all your furnishing projects. With their assertive design and innovative features, our designer street furniture adapts to all aesthetic and environmental constraints, to enhance your space without distorting it.

A team of designers, graphic artists and project managers is with you every step of the way, respecting your expectations and your budget.

During the initial phase, we take the time to listen to you and together we determine the challenges and guidelines of your project.

Our design office then comes in to imagine operational solutions that will bring your space to life. He uses his knowledge of materials and techniques to advise you on the most suitable infrastructure for your project.

Finally, because customer service is one of our priorities, a dedicated contact person is available right up to the installation of the furniture and the completion of your project.

Our metal public furniture collections

Experts since 1986 in the design of metal furniture, Polymobyl unveils product ranges whose finishes are specially designed to meet the constraints of urban spaces. Bus shelters, chairs and benches, tables and planters – all these products and many more are available in our catalog.

With LUD, choose playful, richly colored equipment that dares to be noticed. The steel of the furniture is pierced with vermicelli-shaped holes, and adorned in acidic hues to give the public space a vitamin boost.

With a variety of table and seat heights, you can create multi-tasking spaces that appeal to the widest possible range of users, encouraging them to reclaim the area. Where to install the LUD line? Whether in a historic area to create a style shift, in a family park or at the heart of a state-of-the-art shopping mall, it fits in everywhere.

More sober, the TUB line meets the challenges of urban living thanks to its metal construction and hard-wearing coatings. It was specially created at the request of the City of Strasbourg, which wanted to equip the University campus with durable, vandal-resistant furniture. We then took it up and developed it into our catalog.

The furniture features curved seats, and we’ve streamlined the lines to minimize the surfaces on which graffiti can be applied. As with our other collections, we’ve taken great care with the design, revealing lines between solids and voids that blend perfectly with their surroundings. The ultimate advantage of our TUB collection is that all products are designed to be assembled together, so you can choose the layout that’s right for you.

Our LUD and TUB product lines can be fixed to the floor with plugs, or can be installed directly on the floor on request.

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