A bike and motorcycle shelter to match your image, thanks to our made-to-measure solution

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A designer specializing in innovative street furniture, Polymobyl offers its services to local authorities and companies wishing to promote soft mobility. We’ll help you design a bike shelter that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing: from planning to on-site installation, we’ll take care of everything!

Discover the advantages of our services and our different ranges of cycle shelters 100% customizable.

Modular, fully customizable designer 2-wheeler shelters

More and more users are choosing to cycle to get around town or to work. An eco-responsible initiative encouraged by many local authorities, who have developed cycle paths for this purpose. Then you have to find a place to leave your car during the day. The installation ofbicycle shelters is therefore a key issue for both local authorities and private companies.

Aware that these structures need to blend harmoniously into their environment while adapting to different needs, we decided to develop different ranges of fully customizable2-wheel shelters.

Our models can be opened or closed from side to side; walls can be customized (color, laser-cut, advertising display…), materials can be chosen (wood, steel, tempered glass…), combined as required, or LED lighting can be added.

The racks can also be spaced to accommodate bicycles, motorcycles or scooters.

Last but not least, the models in our 25° & Cie range are modular: their length and width can be doubled as required. In this way, you can accommodate as many vehicles as you like.

Tailor-made support to enhance your space

Whether designed to accommodate mountain bikes or motorcycles, urban shelters are also genuine communication tools: their appearance, their features and the way they are integrated into the space are automatically associated by users with your community or company. So it’s essential to choose them well to get the right message across.

As a specialist in street furniture, Polymobyl’s role is to ensure that the end result provides real comfort for users, while enhancing your space and your brand image.

To achieve this, we prefer noble, durable materials such as wood, steel and glass for eco-responsible street furniture that is resistant to weathering and damage. Our collections feature sleek, elegant designs that we can adapt to your wishes as required.

Above all, far from automated industrial services, we offer you customized support: our design office team (project manager, graphic designers, etc.) systematically travels to your site to carry out an on-site audit before taking charge of your project.

In this way, we are able to offer you a customized solution, taking into account not only your budget, but also the many constraints and environmental factors such as the available floor space, the number of 2-wheelers to be accommodated, accessibility and the characteristics of the location.

At the end of this first stage, we’ll submit a costed list of recommendations. Once this has been accepted, we will advise you on how to define each of the features of your shelters for a 100% unique result. Sketches, 2D and 3D plans will be submitted to you for approval.

Once the manufacturing process is complete, we come and install your ATV shelter on site.

Polymobyl 2-wheel shelters and racks are eligible for the Alvéole program. Created by the Fédération française des Usagers de la Bicylette in partnership with ROZO, a consultancy specializing in energy efficiency, this program enables local authorities to finance the acquisition of urban cycle shelters.

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