Open bike shelters: promote eco-friendly mobility and benefit from subsidy programs

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Polymobyl specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of street furniture.
Discover our different models of open bike shelters in wood or metal, fixed or mobile, fully modular.

Open bike shelters eligible for Alvéole Plus and Objectif Employeur Pro-Vélo

cycle shelters
combine practicality, resistance to public use and contemporary design. But that’s not all: they also comply with the requirements of subsidy programs for the promotion of green mobility.

Alvéole Plus is designed for local authorities, hospitals, educational establishments and associations. It includes financial assistance for the installation of approved cycle shelters.

Objectif Employeur Pro-Vélo is aimed at companies and is part of the CEE (energy saving certificates) scheme. This program covers the cost of designing and installingopen, secure cycle shelters.

Both programs aim to facilitate the transition to greener urban travel. However, they only subsidize open bicycle shelters that meet certain criteria, in particular the presence of two-point attachment points (wheels and frames).

Discover our range of open shelters for two-wheelers

Polymobyl offers a wide range of products to create your cycle parking space:

Moveable shelters

Last but not least, open-frame bicycle shelters are the ideal solution for temporary parking or where the ground cannot be paved. The structure is made of steel, and the panels can be made of wood cladding, Securit glass, polycarbonate, aluminum composite…

Polymobyl services for your bicycle shelter project in France

It’s possible to reconcile respect for the environment, modern, sustainable urban development and subsidized financing! Polymobyl is committed to supporting you from A to Z:

  • site audit ;
  • customized projects and detailed quotes ;
  • design and customization of open cycle shelters with your approval;
  • furniture manufacture ;
  • on-site installation and fastening.
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