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The development of public spaces must meet countless challenges. The structures used must reflect the city’s or company’s image, be functional and robust, and encourage new lifestyles, especially soft mobility…

Polymobyl takes up these challenges with you, offering original street furniture and customized services.

Your modular urban furnishings

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is not enough. It must adapt to your constraints and stand out from the crowd, simplify life for users and enhance the setting in which it is installed… The LUD and NUT lines designed by Polymobyl fully meet these requirements and include all the essential elements for the creation of a public space.

NUT street furniture is designed in solid wood and is available in a complete range of supports: benches, tables, benches, shelters, planters, barriers, bicycle bollards… The use of Douglas fir and larch allows us to reconcile a very natural look with great longevity. Indeed, community facilities need to withstand the elements, as well as vandalism and the passage of time.

In another style, our LUD contract furnishings feature metal, combined with the luminous colors of RAL lacquer. Laser cutting gets around the problem of heat, while offering you a wide range of customization options.

The line includes various models of benches, tables, benches and stools, stand-up eaters, planters, as well as several bike and scooter racks. LUD also integrates all elements of cleanliness and comfort, such as litter garbage cans and ashtrays.

Your modular street furniture with Polymobyl

One of our strengths lies in the modularity of our creations. For example, we offer connected street furniture, as well as bike shelters equipped with VAE charging stations and repair kits. Thanks to our products, you can meet today’s challenges by combining design, functionality and durability.

Our various ranges of contract furniture enable you to create a customized interior or exterior layout with a high degree of homogeneity. Convivial and elegant, our structures are just as well suited to the needs of companies as they are to those of administrations or local authorities.

Do you need customized urban design? Discover the 25° & Cie line, an exclusive concept that allows you to create an infinite number of structures adapted to your needs, from basic wood and metal modules.

Polymobyl’s support for your collective layouts

Since 1987, our street furniture design agency has been helping professionals from all walks of life to design their spaces. Polymobyl offers you a complete service:

  • initial audit to assess the site’s assets and constraints;
  • creation of a precise estimate accompanied by sketches, technical data sheets and plans in 2 and 3D ;
  • design and customization of every element of the layout, in line with your corporate identity and brand image;
  • street furniture manufactured on our premises in Lyon ;
  • installation of structures on site.

Both a communication tool and a vector of comfort for users, your collective furniture, designed by experts, contributes fully to enhancing your image.

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