Outdoor bike shelters: tailor-made solutions for local authorities

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With the boom in soft mobility, cycling is becoming increasingly popular. Whether for leisure or to get to work, two-wheeled vehicles are the most practical and flexible way to get around. The only prerequisite for encouraging the use of bicycles in urban areas is a quality cycle shelter with sufficient capacity.

Offer your users aesthetic and useful outdoor bicycle shelter solutions with Polymobyl’s customizable range.

The versatility of outdoor bicycle shelters

Bicycle shelters must first and foremost be able to accommodate a sufficient number of two-wheelers. Their capacity depends on their location and the number of visitors to the site. But this type of street furniture must also protect two-wheelers from the elements and provide cyclists with a setting that is both practical and reassuring.

Aesthetics are also important. The choice of colors and materials for your bicycle rack will influence its overall style. For local authorities, a bike park is not only a place to make life easier for users, but also a real asset in terms of image.

Since 1986, Polymobyl has been providing communities with elegant, ultra-customizable street furniture for bicycle storage. The clear or assertive lines of our shelters and the modular space allow you to create a unique space, unlike any other.

Lightness is an essential criterion for the furniture in the Polymobyl catalog. In addition to the clean lines of the 25° & Cie range, high-performance materials are also used in the design of the cycle shelters. The furniture in our catalog combines aluminum with metal or wood for a result that’s as functional as it is hard-wearing.

An outdoor shelter means repeated exposure to wind, cold, sun and rain. Thanks to lightweight yet corrosion-resistant constructions, your outdoor bicycle furniture will always look its best. Opt for a small model that can be multiplied according to need, or offer your users a vast shelter: thanks to Polymobyl furniture, your layout can also evolve over time.

Polymobyl, modular bicycle parking specialist

In order to meet the needs of all local authorities, Polymobyl’s watchword is modularity. After all, needs can vary greatly from one company bicycle rack to another. With a wealth of experience in street furniture, we can offer you personalized advice.

Prior to any proposal, we carry out an on-site audit and a customized study. This will take into account the location, its constraints and the desired style for your outdoor furniture. The nature of the layout (simple rack, bike locker, VAE terminal) will also be taken into account, as will the customization of the shelter with wooden underside, Plexiglas wall, perforation, inflation station…

Polymobyl provides you with a complete layout plan, and carries out the custom installation once the project has been validated and manufacturing completed. The result is a solution that lasts over time and is perfectly adapted to your users.

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