Outdoor street furniture: Variety and quality for made-to-measure furnishings

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Among the many challenges facing society today, the design of public spaces is one of the most important. Choosing durable, high-quality and perfectly integrated outdoor street furniture enhances your image and provides users with a pleasant environment.

Polymobyl is your partner in designing harmonious, environmentally-friendly urban spaces.

A complete catalog of outdoor furniture for communities and businesses

As a designer and
manufacturer of street furniture
Polymobyl is attentive to the expectations of customers and the public alike. We offer complete product lines to enable you to create a uniform, functional and user-friendly layout.

A municipality wishing to renovate a public space needs modern street furniture that blends in with the existing environment. In the same way, a private sector company needs a service provider who can supply equipment adapted to its environment and brand spirit. Polymobyl’s extensive catalog includes everything you need for outdoor furnishings: pergolas, picnic tables, benches, chairs, barriers, bus and cycle shelters, planters and tree grills, right down to litter garbage cans and ashtrays.

The development of soft mobility and environmental issues also require the provision of sustainable facilities that encourage these new modes of travel. The 25° & Cie range of cycle shelters, for example, with its optional fittings and made-to-measure dimensions, perfectly meets the expectations of local authorities in this field and offers a wide choice of possibilities.

Public authorities and companies are also looking for quality outdoor furniture, to offer their users and staff a convivial space that matches their corporate image.

Tailor-made services for your collective outdoor spaces

Offering top-of-the-range street furniture isn’t enough. Each project needs to be accompanied to ensure that the results are worth the investment. To achieve this, Polymobyl offers each customer a personalized service, from the preliminary design to installation.

When you call on us, our first action is to carry out an audit of the existing site, to assess its possibilities and constraints. Our design office then draws up a costed action plan. Once this estimate has been validated, we get to work designing your street furniture.

Polymobyl brings together a multi-disciplinary team who, under the aegis of a project manager, provide you with various supports to enable you to appreciate the planned result: sketches, product data sheets, 2 and 3D plans… Together we validate every aspect of your project. collective furniturefrom general design to graphic guidelines, from materials to cut-outs.

Then we start manufacturing your street furniture. Once this has been completed, our team will move in to install the various elements. You’re sure to benefit from a made-to-measure layout that enhances both your image and the site in which it’s integrated.

An example of a realization? The Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse. Polymobyl was chosen to design the signage and outdoor furniture for this illustrious venue. Designs, visuals, graphic charter: everything was done to optimize the visitor experience on the four-hectare site.

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