Outdoor street furniture for communities: taking care of users

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Although sometimes discreet, outdoor street furniture for communities is at the heart of many issues. The location, design and conception of these products must meet strict specifications and always offer the highest level of quality.

The support of a specialized design agency is essential to the success of your project.

An outdoor city layout that meets new needs

Public spaces are made up of a multitude of furniture elements. These are often discreet, but their choice and layout are the result of careful thought. Resistance over time, comfort, color, accessibility for all and the enhancement of public space are all criteria that govern the choice of
outdoor furniture for public spaces

In order to create a space where residents and visitors feel at home, local authorities today are looking to go further than the standard layout. Public benches, bus shelters and litter garbage cans are now joined by green spaces, cycle shelters and pergolas. These devices respond both to a desire to innovate and to the emergence of new uses. Greener modes of transport and the importance of the environment for citizens are profoundly changing the way we experience public spaces. The combination of all these elements must therefore be studied and implemented with precision, in a spirit of coherence with city policy.

Local authorities and private companies have an image, a graphic charter and values with which all projects must be aligned. Furniture designed in this way will convey an impression of harmony and real coherence, which will be perceived by users. On the other hand, quality and comfort remain essential criteria for theoutdoor urban design of communities. Not only will it be visually appealing, it will also be put to good use by residents.

Polymobyl is fully aware of the needs of local authorities in terms of street furniture, and is committed to designing unique, high-quality designs. These will guarantee well-being everywhere in the urban environment.

Polymobyl’s services for public service street furniture

Polymobyl masters the urban installation context specific to local authorities. Local regulations and policies determine the choice of layout. It must therefore be the subject of a well-documented project, monitored from start to finish by your partner.

Backed by an experienced, multi-disciplinary team, Polymobyl carries out a comprehensive, costed audit. A large number of documents (technical data sheets, 2D and 3D drawings, etc.) are created in advance to ensure a realistic projection of the planned result. We’re at your side from the design phase through to the manufacture and installation of your urban outdoor equipment for local authorities. Validation at every stage is essential to confirm your choices and their suitability for your needs. The result is bespoke street furniture that blends seamlessly into its surroundings and is quickly adopted by users.

The LUD line of furniture, designed by Polymobyl for the Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse, is a fine example of design that is both functional and aesthetic. Responding to a need for high-quality relaxation space, the furniture proposed by Polymobyl embodies the spirit of the place and offers the best possible performance to users.

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