Moroccan high-speed train station signage ONCF


The Moroccan high-speed line (LGV), the first high-speed section on the African continent, links Tangier to Rabat in 2 hours 10 minutes instead of 4 hours 45 minutes.

The high-speed rail line in Morocco has led to the creation of 5 new-generation stations: Tangier-City, Kenitra, Rabat-City, Rabat-Agdal and Casablanca.

To mark the occasion, the Office National des Chemins de Fer du Maroc (Moroccan National Railways Office) has decided to completely overhaul its communications in its stations and in all the other stations that will be developed over time.

The ONCF has entrusted POLYMOBYL with the design of its new signage charter.



Polymobyl worked with ONCF on the challenges of a new signage system and the conditions for its implementation.

Our knowledge of airports, railway stations, shopping malls and tramway lines confirms that signage is one of the major challenges facing transport infrastructures.

The lack of signage means that passengers lack an overall vision and cannot form a mental picture of the different services available to them.

Our main idea was to build a project that would enable ONCF to offer its passengers a clear, fluid route, and to distinguish between the conventional lines and the LGV line, with its own specific services.

Designing the signage for the 5 ONCF stations served by the LGV was a complex but exciting task.

It required multiple skills that Polymobyl possesses through its design office composed of :

– designers for the design of the media,

– graphic designers to create the visuals,

– reporters for information processing,

– technicians for the technical definition of support furniture and visual printing techniques.

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