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Installing a professional terrace is a major project which, to be successful, needs to be carried out by specialists. Polymobyl can design, manufacture and install your professional patio furniture.

Our ranges of furniture for restaurant and business terraces

Increasingly common in the workplace, outdoor breakout areas are a response to the desire for well-being in the workplace. However, to be pleasant, functional and low-maintenance, terraces must be designed for professional use. The same applies to landscaped gardens.

Restaurant terraces also need to be carefully thought out and designed, to facilitate the work of staff while offering comfort and elegance to customers.

Focusing in particular on the combination of metal and wood, Polymobyl designs and manufactures all types of furniture for company terraces:

  • tables and chairs ;
  • armchairs and coffee tables for living rooms;
  • bars and stools ;
  • eat standing ;
  • pergolas and shade areas ;
  • solid, perforated or glazed partitions ;
  • smoking shelters ;
  • floors with railings ;
  • planters, parasols, litter garbage cans, ashtrays…

Your turnkey terrace project with Polymobyl

Whether you need to design a break area sheltered from the sun and bad weather, or a restaurant terrace, the Polymobyl team puts its experience and creativity to work for you. Through the choice of elegant, durable materials – steel, larch wood, glass… – we enable you to create a personalized area where your customers and staff feel at home.

Polymobyl’sprofessional terrace design services guarantee you personalized support at every stage of your project:


Initial on-site audit

to take into account the existing situation and assess the site’s assets and constraints


Drawing up an action book

for your customized project


Creating plans

2D and 3D drawings, sketches and technical data sheets by our design office, after your approval



furniture for your professional outdoor space in harmony with your brand image and the environment. Your approval of each stage of the project



of your furniture and accessories according to your specifications in our Rhône workshops


Installation and mounting

your furniture on site

At the equipment selection stage, companies will be able to select an infrastructure from one of the OEPV-certified service providers and benefit from premiums ranging from 40% to 60%. A well thought-out choice of furniture will contribute to the development of a cycling culture within the company, and to the awarding of the label.

Polymobyl's advantages for your professional outdoor landscaping

With over 35 years’ experience, the Polymobyl team offers its services exclusively to local authorities and professionals. Designers, technicians and layout professionals are at your disposal to design your customized professional furniture.

Committed to an eco-responsible approach, Polymobyl offers you elegant, durable products that are in harmony with their environment and convey your brand image. Discover another way of thinking about community planning with Polymobyl.

Polymobyl is at your disposal for any information or audit you may require for your custom-made terrace.

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