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Are you looking for a reliable partner for your professional street furniture?

manufacturer of street furniture
since 1987, offers you a complete service: audit, personalized study, on-site installation, we take care of your urban design from A to Z, respecting your requirements and your budget.

Call on us for a result that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional, in keeping with your brand image!

Street furniture for communities and contractors: an essential challenge

As designers of urban furniture, we’re well aware that a picnic table or a park bench can’t be reduced to their purely material and functional dimensions.

Designing an urban space means not only rethinking public and collective space – and therefore the way we interact with each other – but also enhancing the value of the places themselves and, through them, the brand image of our customers.

Our primary mission is not to “supply” you with pieces of street furniture, but to help you develop your image, in line with your community or corporate values.

Of course, this means fully understanding your needs and expectations, but it also means taking into account the environment, user behavior and so on.

For this reason, we systematically carry out a complete audit on site, which will enable us to offer you a relevant, costed action plan. Our team of project managers, graphic artists, designers and others can guarantee you innovative street furniture that blends harmoniously into the surroundings.

You’ll also benefit from direct follow-up with the project manager, to validate every stage and every aspect of the study. 2D and 3D plans, sketches, technical data sheets… You’ll have everything you need to get a true picture of the final result.

Finally, once your street furniture is ready, our team comes and installs it on site according to the agreed layout for a tailor-made result.

Polymobyl: A complete catalog of innovative street furniture

Polymobyl is also a catalog of 100% customizable designer street furniture.

Its various lines (NUT, LUD, CUB, PUR, 25°&Co…) have been designed so that their different elements (bench, table, stand-up seat, chair, planter…) can easily be combined to create original layouts.

Of course, if you spot models you like in our online catalog, from the moment you call on our services, you benefit from all Polymobyl’s expertise (audit, complete study, advice…) for a result that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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