Secure bike shelters: models to match your street furniture

Installing a secure bike shelter is a way of responding to ecological issues and encouraging the use of “clean” means of transport that don’t emit CO2. Enclosed bike shelters make parking easier and reassure workers, students and senior citizens on two wheels.

Since 1987, Polymobyl has been guiding French municipalities, local authorities and companies in their urban planning. Different ranges are presented for individual or collective use.

The latest generation of enclosed bicycle shelters

Thecustomizable bike shelter has a door equipped with a padlock, badge reader or keypad. This locking system can be adapted to suit your needs.

The collective models are both stylish and modular, to fit in with any space. Compact, they can store from 6 to 20 bikes, with a starting module measuring 210 x 100 x 150 cm. A well-positioned inner rail secures bicycles. Several options are available, including perforation, engraving, RAL color, LED lighting, electric bike charging station, repair station, etc.

Individual models have a different look and offer other conveniences, since you can store your helmet and accessories in addition to your bike. Boxes can be paired and moved without prior dismantling. An optional rail can be installed to padlock the cycle.

Individual and collective high-protection shelters

Secure bike racks are built with a steel structure, galvanized sheet metal partitions and a reinforced, burglar-proof sheet metal door. The roof is designed not to deteriorate as a result of climatic aggression.

In the event of damage, these shelters can be repaired using easily adjustable replacement parts. Drilled floor fixings and adjustable feet guarantee solidity and longevity. No civil engineering work is required for installation.

Polymobyl makes it easy to create parking areas for conventional and electric bicycles: much more than practical solutions, equipment designed for urban beautification is a powerful communication tool, reflecting the brand image of the company or local authority that ordered it.

The Polymobyl procedure for creating bicycle shelters

Secure cycle shelters are designed following an on-site audit. Polymobyl takes into account the environment, the available surface area, technical constraints, as well as the equipment already installed, to produce a costed action plan with a customized quotation.

A multi-disciplinary team, including a project manager, designers and graphic artists, is on hand as soon as the quotation is signed to draw up sketches, 2D and 3D plans, technical data sheets, etc. Space enhancement is a priority. Throughout the project’s development, we provide customized follow-up with a single contact to validate every parameter (shape, materials, cuts, colors, printing techniques). Polymobyl then comes to you to carry out a custom installation.

Polymobyl is also a partner in the Alvéole Plus and OEPV programs, which respectively finance local authorities and companies that choose to invest in bicycle facilities. Our products are listed and eligible for funding under both programs.

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