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Specializing in designer street furniture since 1986, Polymobyl is based near Lyon, a city renowned for its design expertise.

Thanks to the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team, we can offer you street furniture from our catalog to meet all your needs. From public benches to bus shelters and picnic tables, discover our different product lines…

A catalog of street furniture with contemporary products

Allowing users to take a break, find shelter, or delimit spaces within an area: furniture is an essential part ofurban development projects and, as such, must be carefully thought out to meet every need.

Polymobyl is a team of graphic designers, technicians and specialized project managers based in a workshop at La Tour de Salvagny in the Rhône department.

Our goal? Providing local authorities and contractors with top-of-the-range street furniture that meets the most demanding requirements.

To achieve this, we’ve created a regularly updated catalog of designer street furniture, where each product has been designed to withstand the elements and vandalism, while blending harmoniously into its environment.

Each type of furniture (benches, tables, chairs, bus shelters, etc.) is available in a range of materials and colors, making it easy for our customers to design their own furniture. Modern and timeless at the same time, our ranges will add a certain cachet to your urban landscaping while remaining fashionable. They can therefore easily be used in sustainable projects.

Discover Polymobyl product lines

Our public furniture ranges include benches, benches, chairs, stools, sunbeds, deckchairs, bus shelters, picnic tables, litter garbage cans and bollards.

Our catalog is based on the principle that each product is available in different materials (wood, metal) according to a strong guideline. Each line corresponds to a different style, and furniture that can be adapted to different uses.

Our LUD line is the most playful of all, with its touches of warm pastel colors and openwork vermicelli pattern. With their round, welcoming curves, metal chairs, baskets and umbrellas will enhance your space.

The TUB collection, while quite similar in shape, is much more restrained, with gray, brown, blue and green tones that will blend easily into a wide variety of spaces. It includes benches, sunbeds, deckchairs, bus shelters, stand-up seats, tables, chairs and litter garbage cans.

If you prefer wood, you can choose our NUT range. Elegant, modern and warm, it blends large wood panels with metal assemblies. Benches, sunbeds, litter garbage cans, fences and bike racks are ideal for parks, mountains and waterfronts.

The PUR line plays on clean lines, for simple, elegant and functional furniture in wood and metal.

Finally, the CUB line also blends wood and metal with elegance and sobriety. Comfortably proportioned, these products can be custom-cut to fit any logo or inscription.

Discover our full range of street furniture in our online catalog. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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