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Serving professionals since 1986, your Polymobyl urban furniture designer and manufacturer has made outdoor landscaping its specialty.
From the design of structures of all kinds to the useful organization of space, we provide a complete, made-to-measure service.
Design the new face of your professional space with a designer of urban furniture!

Your street furniture manufacturer's team of experts

The subject of furniture for urban spaces is vast and requires a great deal of expertise. Because your structure, whatever it is, must comply with safety standards, withstand outdoor conditions and be aesthetically coherent with the rest of your premises.

Polymobyl has a team of graphic artists, designers and project managers to support your project from A to Z. Polymobyl can advise you on the choice of materials (steel, wood, aluminum), essential equipment and design features. When designing your space, you need to take into account not only your needs, but also those of your users! We’ll work with you to create a smart layout that makes life easier for users and employees alike.

Local authorities and businesses generally have very wide-ranging needs, from litter garbage cans and planters to pergolas, benches, picnic tables, chairs and bicycle sheds. Each of these elements must integrate harmoniously with the existing environment and offer maximum comfort to its users.

Our lines

To meet every need, Polymobyl has developed several ranges of professional street furniture that combine utility and aesthetics. Choose from one of our five product lines for communities and businesses:

The great strength of each range: a wide variety of elements that can be combined as you wish, always with a harmonious aesthetic finish! On the basis of standard models, Polymobyl offers you customized adjustments. The original lines of our furniture are at the service of your space.

Polymobyl manufactures customized street furniture

Understanding your needs is essential to developing a customized layout that adds value for your users or employees!

That’s why Polymobyl customizes its services to match your image.
This begins with an on-site audit, taking into account your environment and its constraints. Following this audit, a detailed, costed action plan will be drawn up. The creation of your street furniture can then begin, on the basis of sketches, 2D and 3D plans and technical data sheets that guarantee mutual understanding.

Finally, whether you’re based in Lyon or elsewhere in France, we’ll install your system as quickly as possible, with the support of our project manager right up to the end of the service. A service with peace of mind, designed to give you maximum satisfaction and long-lasting furniture. Quality is a constant preoccupation for our teams, who work hard to turn every project into a success.

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