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Are you looking for a company specializing in street furniture for local authorities, able to provide you with custom-made products that blend harmoniously into their environment, as well as a complete design study for the layout of public spaces? Welcome to Polymobyl! As designers and manufacturers of street furniture and signage since 1987, we offer our customers comprehensive support and a genuine partnership for every project. Audit, complete study, manufacture and installation: we take care of everything!

Long-lasting outdoor furniture for communities that adapts to urban spaces

Street furniture is one of the essential elements of public space, enhancing the quality of life for users and enhancing the spaces in which it is integrated.

To achieve this, it’s essential to choose furniture that combines design, sturdiness and durability, and to call on a specialist service provider to create a customized layout.

This is exactly what Polymobyl proposes. Our agency always starts by talking to you to find out what you need, and then carries out an on-site audit to take into account the environment, the layout of the premises, the dimensions, etc., so as to be able to offer you a set of costed proposals. Once this has been validated with you, our team of project managers, designers, graphic artists and technicians gets to work to provide you with a detailed study, including sketches, 2D and 3D plans, graphic guidelines, technical data sheets, and more.

The special feature of our contract furniture is that it is modular, so that its various elements can be easily combined with one another. We also favor durable, easy-to-maintain materials such as Securit glass, galvanized steel, aluminum and wood. Materials that are also aesthetically pleasing and blend easily into different environments, be it a street, a square, a quay or even a park.

We also support new urban trends such as green spaces, cool islands and soft mobility. We are also part of the Alvéole Plus program, which helps local authorities to install bicycle shelters.

A complete, fully customizable catalog of street furniture and signage

On our website, you’ll find a comprehensive catalog of street furniture and signage, covering all the needs of local authorities: bus shelters, bicycle shelters, benches, tables, chairs, planters, pergolas and shades, litter garbage cans, parking bollards, connected furniture, information panels, directional totems…

Each of our lines has its own identity, with specific materials and basic colors. LUD, for example, with its pastel-colored steel elements, is both resolutely modern and playful, while 25°& Cie is natural and elegant with its mix of wood, glass and steel.

Above all, each element is modular and designed to be easily arranged, whatever the space to be covered. Width or height can easily be adapted. In general, each element is fully customizable. The shape and color can be adapted to suit the visual identity of the premises and a specific graphic charter, and it’s possible to print the logo of your municipality, etc.

Discover some of our projects for local authorities

Polymobyl has completed numerous street furniture and signage projects for French local authorities since it was founded in 1987. You can see some of them in our Achievements category.

Examples include the complete overhaul of the signage at Alpes d’Huez, the design of the new mezzanine at Nantes station, the design of the outdoor furniture at Strasbourg university, and the design and manufacture of all the street furniture on the Rhône Express line between Part-Dieu station and Saint-Exupéry airport.

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