Street furniture for green spaces: Customized furnishings with Polymobyl

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A manufacturer of street furniture since 1987, Polymobyl offers sustainable and innovative street furniture for green spaces to local authorities and businesses alike. More than just a supplier, we design top-of-the-range products and customized fittings to enhance your site.

Functional, designer street furniture for public gardens

Parks, squares or gardens: green spaces, whether public or private, require landscaping that enhances them while providing maximum comfort for users.

Polymobyl’s catalog of street furniture includes a wide range of top-of-the-range products enabling you to fully equip your site:

  • deckchairs
  • chairs
  • picnic tables (including plug-in tables for USB chargers or plugs)
  • public benches
  • circular benches
  • planters
  • ashtrays
  • city litter garbage cans
  • tree grills
  • pergolas and shade structures
  • bicycle shelters…

Our different lines allow you to opt for metal or wood furniture that is 100% customizable to suit your requirements.

Our LUD line, with its pastel colors and elegant openwork motifs, is ideal for brightening up a square. Its circular benches make it easy to create a wave-shaped arrangement or a bench around the trunk of a tree.

The 25° & Cie range, with its blend of larch wood and metal structure, is representative of a natural, warm design trend particularly suited to parks and gardens.

Each of our ranges of street furniture for public gardens has been designed so that the different models can be easily combined.

A top-of-the-range solution to enhance your green spaces

Polymobyl will take care of the landscapingof your green spaces to create a customized result that will enhance the site and meet the needs of its users.

Landscaping is a powerful communication tool, both for local authorities and for private establishments such as hotels, which receive the public and need to defend a certain brand image.

That’s why we offer you a tailor-made solution, entirely designed to meet your requirements. Our team systematically visits the site to carry out a complete audit. This preliminary stage enables us to take full account of environmental constraints, as well as existing solutions, so that we can offer you a harmonious layout.

We pay particular attention to the creation of shaded areas to protect users from the sun, and to the installation of shelters or structures to protect them from the rain. For example, we can place umbrellas over tables, or create semi-covered areas with planted pergolas. Misters can be installed near the play areas to keep the children cool in summer.

In all cases, we offer you a complete solution in the form of a costed action plan, which we submit for your approval. 2D and 3D layout drawings will be provided so that you can preview the final rendering. You can also choose the materials you want for the different parts of your furniture, the color of the structure, the dimensions, and so on.

Once your street furniture is ready, we come to you for a custom installation.

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