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Founded in 1986 in the Lyon region, Polymobyl is an expert supplier of street furniture, with a multidisciplinary team attentive to its customers’ needs. We offer a catalog of ready-to-install urban design equipment, and as a manufacturer of street furniture, we can also provide customized solutions for all your landscaping projects.

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A product catalog for quick installation

With over 30 years’ experience in the design of urban equipment, Polymobyl has the expertise to deliver high-quality, easy-to-maintain, sturdy equipment.

The special feature of our product ranges is that different equipment (benches, tables, bus shelters, etc.) is available in a variety of materials and colors, so that it can be perfectly adapted to its environment. Regularly updated, their design adapts to the latest trends to keep up with the times and meet the high-end needs of the most demanding customers.

The LUD range offers pastel-colored street furniture for playful furnishings; the TUB line features metal tubes, while the NUT collection is made of wood.

Our production of customized urban equipment

Polymobyl puts its expertise at your service to design customized street furniture to meet the specific requirements of your urban development project. From planning and design to manufacture and installation, our team takes charge of every stage, ensuring impeccable results down to the smallest detail.

Whether you’re a local authority, an architectural firm, a contractor or an urban planner, we adapt to the requirements of your project to offer you quality facilities that blend harmoniously into their environment.

We pay particular attention to the choice of materials, to ensure that your equipment combines aesthetics with strength. For outdoor landscaping, for example, we select materials that are resistant to moisture and weather, but also to damage. What’s more, our furniture is guaranteed for one year against any defects in construction or materials.

From design to delivery, a multidisciplinary team at your service

Polymobyl is a team of graphic artists, designers and project managers ready to take charge of your urban development project, from the initial study to the final stages of implementation on site. This coordination enables us to offer you tailor-made support and deliver on time.

We use the most innovative technologies in the field, without ever losing sight of the fact that these must serve both design and everyday use by users.

And, because today’s urban challenges must take the environment into account, we have been committed for years to reducing our carbon footprint.

The different stages in the realization of an urban project

We start by carrying out an audit to better understand your needs and expectations. We then visit the site to immerse ourselves in the environment and understand the constraints of the space.

We then carry out a technical and financial study before moving on to the design of your street furniture. Each project is designed to ensure that the final result is in perfect harmony with the image of your community or company.

When it comes to implementation, you benefit from a dedicated contact person to monitor your project. In this way, compliance with your expectations is checked at every stage.

Last but not least, we also offer a design service for architects’ practices: we provide you with furniture drawings to suit your needs.

Polymobyl has completed numerous urban development projects for local authorities, contractors, universities, shopping centers, etc.

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