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A manufacturer of street furniture since 1986, Polymobyl offers local authorities a complete range of products. Whether you choose a model from our catalog or opt for a customized solution, we guarantee you top-of-the-range, long-lasting street furniture for public spaces.

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Street furniture for local authorities: a major challenge

At Polymobyl, we’re convinced that improving quality of life requires a new approach to street furniture. Beyond its pure functionality, street furniture for communities, with its shapes and colors, but also its materials, helps to reinvent living spaces.

We offer street furniture solutions to meet the needs of local authorities and public space developers alike. We offer our customers an engineering service carried out by project owners to develop original, durable furniture. If the term street furniture only appeared in the 60’s, nowadays, the domain has to face new challenges: not only must it reflect the identity and dynamism of the city, but it must if possible be manufactured in a responsible way, while being attractive enough to invite citizens to conviviality.

A bus shelter not only provides shelter for users waiting for public transport, but also brings together several people in the same place, encouraging exchanges. It must therefore be large enough to remain comfortable. The same goes for picnic tables, where you can gather for a moment of relaxation. With this in mind, Polymobyl offers support for a wide range of projects, from the creation of unique furniture to the enhancement of a site or territory.

We work with major groups, communications agencies and architects alike.

Polymobyl’s expertise at your service

Polymobyl not only offers a wide selection of street furniture, but also a customized design service, including the manufacture and installation of your equipment. We have designed lines of street furniture that are the fruit of over 30 years’ experience and thought in the field ofoutdoor design. They have been designed with an eye for detail, and the desire to give public spaces their true value, while making them unique.

We offer 5 lines of harmonized equipment for easy integration. Our modern furniture will stand the test of time, thanks to its clean lines and the use of solid, durable and recyclable materials: wood, lacquered aluminum, etc. We offer a wide range of equipment to cover all your needs: bus shelters, cycle shelters, stand-up seats, sunbeds, public benches, benches, barriers, bollards, chairs, ashtrays, picnic tables, litter garbage cans, etc.

Polymobyl takes into account all site-specific constraints (climate, environment, vandalism) as part of its tailor-made service. We offer you all the quality of service of a multidisciplinary team, experienced in design, graphics, preparation of tender documents and execution follow-up.

In addition, the company works with experienced partners such as historians and disability specialists. Our experience and network enable us to put together teams tailored to each specific problem.

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