Your professional terrace structure... by professionals!

Do you have an outdoor landscaping project for a café, restaurant or business? Do you represent a healthcare or educational establishment wishing to create a sheltered break area?

Entrust the design of your professional terrace structure to Polymobyl, street furniture experts since 1986.

Terraces and shade structures for businesses and local authorities

Representing a serious investment, the
professional terrace
must be carefully considered. Whether it’s creating a shaded area for your employees’ breaks or providing a pleasant setting for your restaurant’s customers, every detail counts.

Polymobyl works with local authorities and businesses to design and install shade structures for terraces. We take into account the existing layout, the available space, the expected number of users, as well as the site’s brand image and graphic charter. From there, our teams will suggest the type of equipment to be installed: vegetated pergola, shaded structure with louvers… We’ll also advise you on the choice of materials for the ground, as well as the furniture to be integrated into the terrace.

Public terrace design: conviviality and functionality

Whether the zone is intended for employees or customers, it serves a number of purposes. A public relaxation area must offer a pleasant, convivial setting in all seasons, allowing people to sit, chat or smoke while remaining sheltered from both heat and rain.

Polymobyl imagines sleek designs for professional terraces that are built to last. Sheltered benches, screens, picnic table shelters or complete landscaping solutions await you in our catalog. Our creations feature wood and light metals, in natural or trendy colors, to complement any style.

Green terrace or pergola, a solution for the future in the workplace

In these times of climate disruption, users of both public and private-sector facilities are exposed to increasingly extreme temperature and weather conditions. To ensure their comfort while meeting new environmental challenges, Polymobyl has designed vegetated structures for professional terraces. The advantages of this type of layout are manifold: it provides coolness in summer, encourages reconnection with nature in an urban environment, and encourages initiatives such as “collective vegetable gardens”…

Polymobyl offers a range of references for landscaped terraces: planter and bench, parasol with planter and rainwater collection, planted partitions and screens, planter with trellis…

Polymobyl, designer of collective furniture for a harmonious layout

A company’s relaxation area must above all be user-friendly and practical. But this space must also reflect the company’s image and values, through personalized design and visuals. Polymobyl puts its expertise to work on your projects.

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