The first half of 2022 at Polymobyl

Polymobyl begins 2022 with a host of new projects!

Indeed, the first quarter of this year was a busy one, with over 70 projects completed.

A look back at the 4 most striking projects:

Alpe d'Huez signage overhaul

L’Alpe d’Huez called on Polymobyl to overhaul all its resort signage. Diagnosis and study of existing signage in 2020, followed by design and construction of 82 directional masts in 2022 and 2023. The main objectives are to make road markings more efficient, enhance parking facilities, encourage pedestrians and skiers to get around on foot, and raise the profile of the resort’s various neighborhoods.

Exterior design of the Cité de l'espace in Toulouse

After producing the Cité’s signage in 2016, Polymobyl was called in to design and build the exterior fittings. Our mission: to improve visitor comfort by creating seating areas, rest areas, picnic areas and shade systems, all of which have become imperative today. As this is a turnkey contract, Polymobyl is also responsible for monitoring and coordinating the project.

The supply of street furniture for the La Palme freeway service area

Polymobyl supplied street furniture for the La Palme freeway service area on the A10. Picnic tables, stools and sunbeds from our NUT line have found their perfect place, making the space as pleasant as it is functional.

The signage study for the Fairmont Tazi Palace Hotel

Located in Tangier, the new Palace from Fairmont Hotels and Resorts is currently under construction. This Moorish-style building, dating from the 1870s, was recently acquired by the Katara Hospitality luxury hotel group, with the aim of turning it into a 5-star hotel complex. Polymobyl was asked to design the signage for the future hotel, which had to be integrated and in harmony with the architecture of the site.

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