Tourist attraction sign: a signage expert at your side

Effectively signposting your community’s points of interest is essential to ensuring its attractiveness. Our signage for the tourist industry can be subtly integrated into your important sites, adapting to the personality of each community or region. Since 1987, Polymobyl has been producing totems, orientation tables and signs for tourist sites.

We’ll work with you to decide which tourist attraction sign is right for you.

Expert support for your tourist signs

Guiding visitors to your heritage site is a real challenge. For local authorities, it’s all about guiding tourists to the right spot, ensuring smooth traffic flow and providing a wealth of information. Every cultural site should have a tourist sign providing information on its history, location and any useful cultural facts.

Polymobyl is at your service for all your signage needs. For several decades now, we’ve been working with local authorities who want their tourist signage to reflect their image. For this, defining the need is essential. We carry out a complete on-site audit to understand the expectations and challenges surrounding your traffic signs. The site is then modeled, with a graphic charter in keeping with your community’s personality. Colors and shapes are designed to maximize legibility. Whatever type of signage you choose (totem, orientation table, panel), we’ll create a consistent look from one medium to the next.

Your Polymobyl agency not only handles the design side of things, but also plays a real advisory role. Your signage needs to make an impact while blending naturally into its cultural setting. Our varied experience and achievements for French tourist sites enable us to advise you on your future installation.

High-quality materials for your tourist signage

The choice of materials is essential for good outdoor signage. It will be exposed to the elements. That’s why we use highly resistant materials (steel, wood, bronze). But Polymobyl is also about aesthetics. Our range is made up of products with clean lines that blend in perfectly with their installation site.

Last but not least, the environment is a major preoccupation, for local authorities as well as for us. We are responding to a strong market demand by opting for recyclable materials that have no negative impact on the environment. However, our tourist signage remains durable, retaining its elegance over time.

Surrounding yourself with professionals is a sine qua non for good signage. From the very beginning of your project to its installation on your site, Polymobyl puts an expert team at your service, capable of adapting to your requirements. We make custom products from our range and personalize your panels. Create a memorable tourist itinerary, without false notes, and contribute to the promotion of your cultural heritage.

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