A customizable travel shelter to suit every space

An essential part of the urban environment, thepassenger shelter must be both aesthetic and functional to welcome users in the best possible conditions, while enhancing the environment in which it is integrated.

That’s why Polymobyl, the street furniture specialist, offers you fully customizable design models to meet your needs. When you call on our agency, you benefit from a made-to-measure service: from the audit to on-site installation, we take care of everything for a top-of-the-range service and sustainable development.

A versatile urban shelter with clean lines

Theurban shelter has always been a multi-purpose element within its host environment:

  • as abus shelter, it delimits the stop, making it easy to spot for users and drivers alike
  • as atwo-wheeler shelter, it allows users to park their bikes or scooters safely and out of the weather

In all cases, theurban passenger shelter offers real comfort to people waiting for the bus to pass, or simply to passers-by wishing to sit on a bench to rest for a while, have a smoke or take shelter from a sudden downpour during a walk.

Our catalog

Polymobyl offers a range of clean-lined design models in its catalog, for a shelter that will easily find its place in your space. In our 25° & Co line, you’ll find shelters that combine the warmth and elegance of larch wood with the solidity and sobriety of an aluminum structure. Our two models will blend harmoniously into the surroundings of a park, a stop close to a beach or a rural area, or an urban space to which it will add a natural touch. PUR features the sobriety of galvanized steel, while the TUBbus shelter plays on the minimalist elegance of steel and tempered glass.

Customization and installation: made-to-measure service with Polymobyl

Whatever the specifics of your project, Polymobyl puts its know-how and the skills of its team at your service for a made-to-measure rendering and layout that will enhance not only your space, but also the image of your community.

Our designer bus shelters incorporate one or more benches and can be customized as required:

  • length and width can be infinitely doubled
  • for partitions, you can choose between securit tempered glass (capable of resisting attempted damage), plexiglass or sheet aluminum
  • they can integrate bike bollards, floor fixings…
  • additional options are available, such as under-cover LED lighting or a frame to display your timetable
Polymobyl guarantees a top-of-the-range, all-in-one service to enhance your space every time:



Our team will visit your site to carry out an audit, before providing you with a costed proposal for a tailor-made solution that takes into account your needs and requirements, as well as environmental constraints. Together, we can fine-tune the details of your urban design shelter and layout as required.


Production and installation

Once the equipment is ready, we come and install it according to the predefined layout. From start to finish, the project manager answers your questions, advises you and validates each stage with you.


Made-to-measure furniture

The result is not only street furniture that perfectly meets your expectations, but also custom-made furnishings designed by specialists to enhance your space.

Polymobyl has more than 33 years’ experience serving local authorities and private sector companies.
Contact us today to present your project and benefit from real expertise.

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