Urban greening: plants take over your street furniture

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Urban greening is booming among local authorities. Giving an important place to plants and trees in urban spaces not only meets the high expectations of users in terms of the environment, but also develops a high-quality living space.

Polymobyl, expert in urban furniture and designer of innovative products, contributes to cooler, more pleasant cities every day. Discover our range of products.

A wide range of plant-based street furniture products to add freshness

French local authorities are very concerned about the environment. Rising temperatures and the problem of very mineral cities have highlighted the need for more green spaces. Plants and trees contribute to biodiversity in the city and reduce heat. Their impact is beneficial, and green spaces are popular with city dwellers.

Urban greening can be achieved through a wide variety of street furniture, which Polymobyl can provide. Our experience in urban living spaces enables us to cover all community needs effectively. Polymobyl’s key products for greening urban spaces include :

  • Water-recovery planter: equipped with a trellis, this planter with hanging foliage creates a real island of coolness.
  • Urban umbrellas: these also collect rainwater thanks to their cone-shaped stretched canvas. They create a large area of shade
  • Planter sets: used to weight down other furniture elements or as part of a table, they create natural green spaces in urban furniture.

Polymobyl’s models, designed to bring nature to the city, are a first step in the fight against global warming. Able to support urban areas without trees, these plants are as robust as natural vegetation. Use them to create long-lasting green spaces.

Polymobyl, a player in urban greening

Polymobyl has always worked towards sustainable, environmentally-friendly facilities. The materials used, such as wood and glass, blend in well with the urban environment, adding a natural touch. The structures of our devices, in aluminum or galvanized steel, contribute to their durability.

Sustainable development concerns local authorities and businesses alike. That’s why we offer a wide range of plants and planters to enrich your urban space. The installation of planted furniture not only benefits the health of your employees and users, but also your image. It’s essential not to overlook environmental values when planning your home.

To support you, we provide a project manager, as well as a complete team capable of taking this aspect into account. We can create bespoke furniture or furniture based on models from our range, and enhance your layout with plants. Whether your project involves the installation of a bus shelter or the development of a green space in the heart of the city, we can advise you on how to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We work in every town in France, as quickly as possible.

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