Urban pergola: Tailor-made structures for public and private spaces

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Founded in 1986, Polymobyl is a key player in the design of street furniture, adapted to the changing lifestyles and needs of both local authorities and the private sector. Faced with today’s climatic challenges, particularly heat waves and drought, our company is committed to meeting the challenge of providing
urban shading

Polymobyl offers a wide range of shading solutions, including made-to-measure urban pergolas, ideal for creating islands of coolness in the city or setting up coworking or relaxation areas in companies or luxury hotels.

Tailor-made shading solutions for local authorities and businesses

Polymobyl’s made-to-measure urban pergolas are the perfect answer to the needs of local authorities and businesses. Their sleek, durable design offers a neat aesthetic, while guaranteeing optimum functionality.

In particular, the 25° & Cie line, available as a single pergola or modular for large-scale projects, is perfect for outdoor layouts requiring effective shading or to create islands of coolness. The pergolas in this line, with their blend of wood and steel, offer not only protection from the sun, but also an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, durable and weather-resistant space. They can be configured according to the specific needs of each company or local authority in France.

This adaptability is essential to meet the diverse requirements of urban development projects. Pergolas can be designed to suit small spaces or larger areas, depending on the needs of each customer.

These modular structures are suitable for a variety of spaces, from public squares to outdoor coworking or breakout areas, offering an ideal solution for both urban and private environments.

Our street furniture catalog also includes urban sunshades in the LUD line, as well as a whole range of planters to green your cool spaces.

Pergolas for hotels: comfort and elegance in an urban environment

Hotels, in particular, can greatly benefit from theinstallation of urban pergolas. These structures don’t just provide shade; they also create an attractive, welcoming outdoor environment for customers.

They can be used to create open-air relaxation or dining areas, attracting customers in search of comfort and elegance. Hotels can choose from a range of styles and materials, including retractable canvas or bioclimatic cover options, to suit different themes and moods. What’s more, the use of materials such as galvanized steel guarantees not only durability, but also low maintenance, a crucial aspect for hotel establishments concerned with operational efficiency.

Pergolas for communities

For local authorities, the integration of pergolas into public spaces has become a key element of urban planning. These structures not only provide welcome shade, they also play an important role in revitalizing urban spaces. Polymobyl’s custom-designed pergolas can transform squares, parks or walkways into attractive, functional areas.

Using high-quality materials such as galvanized steel, they guarantee exceptional longevity, even in extreme weather conditions. What’s more, their modern, minimalist design blends seamlessly into a variety of urban settings, from historic city centers to modern residential areas. Polymobyl works closely with communities to ensure that each pergola meets the specific needs of the community, whether to create rest areas, meeting zones or enhance the aesthetic appeal of public spaces.

From design to installation: a complete service with Polymobyl

Much more than just a supplier, Polymobyl is a true urban planning specialist, offering its customers tailor-made support from start to finish thanks to its team of project managers, designers, graphic artists and technicians. We carry out an on-site audit for each project before proposing a tailor-made study that takes into account your requirements, the specifics of the environment and your budget, in order to offer you the most appropriate solution. Once your pergolas and shading elements have been manufactured, we come to you for installation. You benefit from a turnkey service. Above all, you can be sure of a unique design that will enhance the value of your space.
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