Shading in urban areas: a major challenge for the years to come

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Designer of designer street furniture since 1986, Polymobyl is constantly adapting to changing lifestyles and needs. At a time when scorching temperatures and drought are becoming the norm, creatingshade in urban spaces represents a major challenge.

With its sleek, durable lines, customized services and professional support, Polymobyl responds brilliantly to the needs of local authorities.

Pergolas and plant shade in urban areas

With temperatures on the rise and a general lack of vegetation in cities, the creation of cool islands has become a must. From claustras to planted shelters, Polymobyl’s various ranges of urban shade furniture offer a wealth of design possibilities.

The LUD range, with its modern design, metal structure and cheerful colors, lends itself well to the development of shaded areas in city centers. Sheltered benches and picnic tables, planters with trellises or trellis screens blend into the environment and bend to your every whim.

The understated NUT line combines the natural look of wood with a contemporary, functional design. Sheltered tables and benches, urban pergolas and collective shade structures create a welcoming, relaxing space. The addition of planters contributes fully to the feeling of an “island of nature”.

Finally, 25° & Cie’s fully modular furniture range includes pergolas and shades for urban landscaping. With their aluminum profile structure, custom dimensions and wood, trellis or aluminum partitions, they meet the requirements of local authorities and businesses alike for the layout of shaded areas.

Creating cool zones in urban environments

Whether for relaxation or coworking spaces,shaded areas in the city need to be fitted out with the right furniture. But this type of project can also rely on elements to bring freshness: mainly vegetation and misters. Integrating plants into an urban environment has two advantages: it gives a “natural” feeling that encourages relaxation, and it brings a real sense of freshness. Polymobyl can create urban furniture with partitions or planted roofs, as well as planters or pots with trellises to create natural shade. As for misters, they are inexpensive, easy to install and water-saving: a solution to consider for thecreation of cool zones in the city.

Focus on the Cité de l'Espace, a project brought to fruition by Polymobyl

This Toulouse-based site has a strong identity, both innovative and designer, with rounded shapes and a rather youthful spirit. Polymobyl therefore proposed an exterior design in keeping with the existing, thanks to the LUD line. The rounded shapes, modern design and various roof protection options are particularly well suited to the requirements of the site.

The logo and graphic charter are of course used on the various elements of the outdoor furniture, all designed, manufactured and installed by Polymobyl.

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