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Would you like to beautify or add freshness to a public, commercial or business space? The urban planter is the ideal solution for enhancing urban spaces.

Polymobyl, designer of urban furniture, offers you a complete range of products: several lines of customizable products that can be combined, and above all a top-of-the-range service including an audit and a complete study, as well as the custom installation of your furniture.

The result: a functional, user-friendly custom-made layout that reflects your brand image.

Discover our range of designer planters

A public square, a shopping mall, a schoolyard, the grounds of a hotel or company headquarters… There are many urban spaces that can benefit from the advantages of a city planter.

Flowers, plants, shrubs: furniture designed by Polymobyl allows you to bring a little greenery to places that often lack it, and to set up a dynamic, modern layout by combining our different models with other products from our catalog.

Whatever line you choose (LUD, NUT, CUB), our different models complement each other. Their aesthetic choices and the use of the same materials open up a wide range of possibilities for the design of your space.

Polymobyl favors sustainable, recyclable materials (wood, steel or a mix of the two), as well as clean lines for harmonious integration into the surroundings and elegant, even innovative design.

Numerous customization options are available:

your logo printed on your planter
laser cutting
height adjustment via adjustable feet
double tray option with water reserve, drainage system and attachment points. This makes it easy to remove your plants from the planter without digging them up in dry periods or when water overflows.

Last but not least, we offer a wide range of models in various sizes, shapes and colors:

  • CUB square and rectangular planters will blend in easily with any urban environment. The NUT model in larch wood and steel provides welcome warmth.
  • LUD round planters and LUD trellis planters bring conviviality and a touch of sophistication. Creating a half-covered space with climbing plants is child’s play!
  • XL sizes are available for shrubs

Customized urban design with Polymobyl

As a specialist in urban landscaping, Polymobyl offers you a top-of-the-range solution for a layout that lives up to your expectations.

We don’t just offer you products via our online catalog: our team visits your site to carry out a complete audit and find the most appropriate solution. We take into account the nature and standing of the premises, the architecture and the environment in general, as well as your expectations and your budget, in order to provide you with a costed action plan.

We’ll design a unique layout for you that will enhance your space: benches in a circle around a planters for public spaces Our mission is to make our premises as pleasant as possible for users, while reflecting your values.

Once the study has been validated by you and the furniture is ready, our technicians come and fit out the premises and install your products for an impeccable finish. Throughout the service, you’ll be in contact with the project manager, who’ll answer your questions and advise you for complete peace of mind.

Would you like to make an appointment to present your project to us? Do you have a question? We look forward to hearing from you.

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