Village signage : integration and valorization

Polymobyl is a company specializing in street furniture and outdoor signage in France and Morocco. From initial audit to on-site installation, we design, manufacture and install village signage that respects the existing environment and heritage.

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Signage in listed villages: multiple constraints

In France, there are a number of different labels awarded to towns that are home to a historic building or are part of a particular landscape. These include “Remarkable Heritage Sites”, “Most Beautiful Villages in France”, “Historic Monuments” and “Town of Art and History”. Whatever the title, it is accompanied by protective measures that have a direct impact on the village’s signage.

This is why, even more than a traditional signage project, the development of signage for a listed village needs to be carefully studied beforehand. A tailor-made solution, taking into account both the requirements of the label and the harmonious integration into the heritage, is an absolute must.

In practical terms, the various labels designed to protect and enhance local heritage mean that they have to be taken into account in town planning provisions, as well as in architectural possibilities. The “Ville d’Art et d’Histoire” label, for example, requires the local authorities concerned to raise public awareness and set up presentation and promotion tools, including heritage signage.

For listed sites and buildings, signage must also comply with the instructions issued by the Bâtiments de France architect. These are not limited to construction or renovation projects, but also involve the surrounding area – including signage around the listed building.

The role of signage in a listed commune

As with any tourist destination, there are several objectives to be met by the waymarking of a village of character:


Welcoming and guiding

visitors to discover the site’s rich heritage


Informing the public

on the historical, cultural, natural and identity-related aspects of the village



remarkable site features: buildings, alleyways, viewpoints, etc.



the village’s identity through an adapted design

What type of signage can be used on a listed site?

Whether functional or directional, the signage of a listed village must above all be in keeping with the identity of the site. The choice of totems, wall signs, directional masts or lecterns depends on the label concerned and the existing environment.

Polymobyl’s beaconing services for listed sites start with an on-site survey, to take account of the constraints associated with the label and existing infrastructures. They are continuing with a step-by-step validation of the project by the local authorities. Polymobyl is able to comply to the letter with the requirements of the Architectes des Bâtiments de France and propose an ambitious, high-quality and harmonious signage project.

Initial audit, costed action plan with 2D and 3D plans, design and manufacture of customized supports, integration: Polymobyl takes care of your signage from A to Z.

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